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Jun 3, 2010 12:44 PM

Columbian Chorizo and Moroccan Merguez

I just had yet another in a long line of standout meals at Tu Casa in Kew Gardens. Once again one of the highlights was the Columbian Chorizo - I love the strong cumin flavour. Does anyone know where I can get this fresh in the Jackson Heights - Woodside area to cook/barbeque at home?
While I'm asking - anyone know where to get Moroccan Merguez sausages in Queens?

Tu Casa
119-05 Metropolitan Ave, Queens, NY 11415

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  1. For Columbian sauasages you might want to try Morningside Heights....

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    1. re: Mr Porkchop

      Thanks Mr P - a bit out of my way but I'll ask around my office for anyone who lives near there.

      1. re: butterchicken2nan

        Not quite Jackson Heights, but Western Beef on College Point Blvd and the (Mexican?) supermarket at the corner of 102 St and National St in Corona both have a large selection of Columbian, Dominican and Mexican chorizo.

        1. re: el jefe

          Thanks that is a better option for me!

          1. re: el jefe

            A really good selection chorizos from various Latin American cuisines can also be found at the flagship Western Beef store on Metropolitan Avenue at the Maspeth/Ridgewood border as well as the Western Beef located at the bottom of Steinway Street at Northern Boulevard.

          2. re: butterchicken2nan

            Sorry, that was a bad joke. Columbia is a university, Colombia is a country with delicious sausage. Jackson Heights is by far the best hood for Colombian eats.

        2. I can't remember the names of the places specifically, but for Moroccan Merguez head to Steinway street, just south of Astoria Boulevard in Astoria. There's quite a busy Arabic community there, including many Moroccans, Algerians, and Egyptians. You will see a number of halal butchers on both sides of Steinway street. On the East side of the street around 25th Avenue there is a little cafe called Morocco Cafe. They have the most amazing Merguez sandwiches there. Ask the friendly owner what his recommendation would be among the many butchers in the neighborhood. Maybe he'll even sell you some of his own.

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            I think you mean Little Morocco. They're known for their Merguez Sanwiches. It's on the NW corner of 25th and Steinway across from the mosque.

            Little Morocco Restaurant
            2439 Steinway St, Queens, NY 11103

            1. re: Mr Porkchop

              Charles & Sons in Whitestone sells Merquez. 150-54A (next to Corona Park deli). It's a tiny place, if you drive too fast you'll miss it.

              1. re: PaMa

                For Colombian Chorizo, try the Risaralda Butcher shop in Jackson Hieghts. I just looked it up. The full name is Carneicia Risaralda Meat Market at 91-04 37th Avenue. Risaralda is the name of an area in Colombia and the shop specializes in meat cuts from that country and also have Colombian groceries and packaged products.

            2. re: Anicca

              Did anyone ever find a good market / butcher on Steinway for merquez?