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Jun 3, 2010 12:39 PM

Looking for the best Jahnoun and Malawach In Israel

Please share with me your favorite restaurant for the above.

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  1. These yemenite flat breads are tasty and fun to eat, but so simple I don't think anyone would seriously argue which were the "best" in Israel. I haven't eaten them in ages. With the huge wealth of culinary offerings in Israel now, you just don't hear about Yemenite food as much as you used to.

    Here is a link to an article about the "Yemenite Vineyard", or quarter, near the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv, which posts some suggestions:

    Jahnoun (for those who don't know) is not similar to anything I've had anywhere else. It is like a kind of rolled crepe, but steamed. It is only eaten for breakfast or brunch on friday or saturday morning. You won't find it any other time. It is always served with tomato puree and a hardboiled egg. Pretty much any hummus place will have it on the menu on friday and/or saturday morning. I've heard that hummus Asli on Dizengoff 338 serves jahnoun as part of an ample middle eastern breakfast on the weekend.

    1. Jahnoun is not one of those items which is often seen, even in Yemenite restaurants, there is a pretty good place at the Southern end of Herzl road in Rehovot and on Saturaday morning there are homemade jahnoun sellers at gas stations and on the side of roads and highways. Sorry for not being more specific.

      1. There is a little hole in the wall on Etzel St in Schunat Hatikva in Tel Aviv, near the entrance to the shuk. If you're looking at the shuk entrance it's to the left, perhaps half a block. AWESOME malawach.

        1. The best are usually the ones made at home. :) Some homemakers prepare them and sell them. I make really great jahnoun. Do you want some? :P

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              1. The offer was for the OP. ;)
              2. You're where?

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                  Are you the same Vinnie from the toronto boards? If so, I've enjoyed your posts, didn't know you were from ZY