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Jun 3, 2010 12:33 PM

Looking for good donuts near Lake George/NoCo

Anyone have any good donut recommendations for the Lake George region? Can do Albany/Troy/Saratoga or North Country too. Looking for something that's NOT Dunkin' Donuts. Also looking for good cake/pastry recommendations. Let me know if you've found anything good. Thanks!

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  1. The Lake George Baking Company, on Amherst St. I can't remember if they had donuts, but I do remember their pastries were delicious.

    1. Mrs. London's in S. Springs for French pastries. Bella Napoli in Latham or Villa Italia/Little Italy's Civitello on Jay Street in Schenectady for Italian pastries.

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        Thanks so much for the suggestions. I'll check them out next week when I'm up in the area. So weird that there aren't more donut options. You'd think there'd be tons...right?

        1. re: pookie77

          Bella Napoli Italian-American Bakery
          672 New Loudon Rd, Latham, NY 12110

          love this place. worth checking out, as mentioned earlier.

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            pookie77, just remembered apple cider donuts. Lakeside Farms (Ballston Lake) and Lindsey's Country Store (Route 9, Clifton Park):



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              Love apple cider donuts. I'll have to check them out. Would you recommend any of these places for birthday cakes? I just realized I'm also going to have to get a birthday cake.

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            I second the Bella Napoli in Latham and add the Yonder Farms farm stand re:financialdistrictresident
            on Rt 9 in Niverville for apple cider donuts. They bake them fresh every morning and they truly stand out. Buy only enough for the day, they don't last but that may be true of all donuts.

            Bella Napoli Restaurant
            968 Fulton St, Farmingdale, NY 11735