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Jun 3, 2010 12:31 PM

Tiberias 34 St. Manhattan

The new dairy restaurant on 34 St opened yesterday afternoon. We went there today for lunch.

Firstly, the a/c is not working. The waitress is extremely pushy and the food is rather unimpressive. Prices are not impressive either. The most extensive part of the menu are the beverages--24 cold beverages and 14 hot.

There are 17 Paninis listed, three appetizers (priced at $12 each!), two soups, three pastas and two fish.

The fish are both priced at $18.95-salmon filet and tilapia filet.

The pastas are priced at $15.95-Primavera, Alfredo and Pink Penne.

My girlfriend ordered tilapia-not bad. The french fries, though, were undercooked and the vegetable salad was unimpressive and a very small serving.

When the food came they put a basket of cut up pieces of Italian bread--with no butter or margarine.

Finally, there was not a bottle of ketchup to be found to complement the underdone fries.

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  1. Also, not impressed with the food, prices. Service was terrible (although, it was their first day out).

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      Any additional reports? Does it justify a 20 block excursion?

        1. re: tamarw

          Admittedly, the weather is pretty nice today. I made the trek to answer my own question. Tiberias has some things going for it. It is clean and the service was extremely prompt. The a/c was on - in fact it was blowing so hard that I lost my ongoing battle to keep my napkin in my lap. Despite the gusts, the temperature was a bit high.

          As for the food? I started with a bowl of French onion soup. The broth was tasty, with a hint of rosemary. My criticism would be that the cheese-covered crouton was way too small (or the bowl of soup was too large- probably both are true). Cheese should be a more prominent element in French onion soup.

          I ordered the fennel/arugula/roast pepper/mozzarella pannini - individually great sandwich components. The fennel was marinated or pickled and then grilled. Prepared this way, I found that its flavors became close to indistinguishable from the pepper though both ingredients were themselves tasty. My main objection is that they are using inferior bread - a large supermarket-type Italian roll. When toasted, it is bland and crumbly. They should find some nice French bread, like what they use at Shnitzel Express, which would retain some chewiness even when crisp on the outside. Also, the mozzarella could have been fresh as was the small cube that was used for my soup. I know this all sounds petty for what, overall, was a decent sandwich. The small side salad was nice. The fries were unexceptional and were on the cold side.

          It was not crowded for lunch probably due to its pricing (maybe have lunch and dinner menus?). However, as a 24-hr option, I hope it sticks around and maybe improves around the edges.

    2. where exactly is the restaurant? any other info?

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      1. re: brooklynkoshereater

        it's on 34th street between madison and park, right near eden wok and dunkin donuts

      2. if your looking for a quick Tuna melt, I actually do recommend this place

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        1. re: bigkosherfoodie

          Ah, yes, the tuna melt is great! I work near the restaurant, and go there all the time. The service is excellent, and the food hits the spot! The paninis are especially good.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Is this place still open? Any updates on dining experience?

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            1. re: JackieR

              Yes, it's still open.
              It fills a niche in the area.

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                Yes, it's still open, and since it's open 24/6 it's useful if you want to eat late at night. A few months ago, coming back from a concert, a few friends and I wanted to have a late dinner, so we went to Tiberias and were reasonably happy. I was the only kosher-keeper in the group; the others liked the food and service, and their only complaint was that the prices were a little high compared to similar treif places.