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Jun 3, 2010 10:16 AM

How do I make seasame seeds stick to tuna?

I want to make a seared, sesame seed encrusted piece of tuna, but every time I've tried this, I can't get the seeds to stick. Is there a trick to this? Some of the seeds do stick and get embedded in the tuna, but most of the time a lot of it falls off, especially if i grasp the piece with tongs to turn it. What I have been doing is just rolling the piece of tuna in seeds and then searing quickly for a few seconds on each side so I can keep it rare inside. Should I try brushing with egg white or something like that to make the seeds adhere better?

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  1. So you didn't coat the fish with something?

    It's been a while since I've done this but the last time I patted the tuna dry, then painted a mix of mirin, soy and sake onto the side being coated and then placed coated-side down into the seeds. I also used a blowtorch to cook the tuna but that's because I didn't want too thick of a cooked layer.

    1. not egg white.

      rub the tuna with oil if you don't use a marinade.

      1. Lightly roll or crush the seeds to flatten them so they have more surface area.

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        1. I usually rub the tuna with a complimentary Asian sticky sauce- either sweet soy, hoisin, char siu, etc... ina thin layer, then press the seeds on-
          Sticks well and tastes great

          1. Hmm, I typically well either marinate the tuna in some oil, ginger, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, etc. and then coat in sesame seeds and sear a minute or so on each side for rare and rest, slice and serve. I never had a problem w/ seeds not sticking. I don't put any oil in the pre-heated pan either. If you don't want to marinate your tuna, trying brushing with a little sesame oil.