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Jun 3, 2010 09:57 AM

Looking for a Cooking Class In Florence Italy

Hello Foodies:
I am going to be in Florence Italy this summer (August) and am looking for a cooking class to take with my daughter (eats anything - age 9) and two picky (wont eat veggies) eaters. Does anyone have any sucess stories related to this inquiry?
Mille Grazie

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  1. contact Judy Witts at , highly reccomended

    1. I just spent 3 days with InTavola -- 2 days of 1-on-1 pastry class with the wonderful Roberto, and 1 day of a market tour and class where we made a meal including pasta with veggies, classic Florentine meatballs, bruscetta and panne cotta. I think it would be fun for a group with kids and a lot less money than Judy Witts. They offer a variety of options (I would ask if Roberto is teaching -- he's fun and a great teacher. -- the staff person who handles email is Lisa -- be sure to ask her specific questions. Have fun!!

      1. One scuola that has been in business since the 1980s is "Scuola di Arte Culinaria & Cordon Bleu" Gabriella Mari has courses that appeal to children, as well as, all the way to professional cooks. Her website is quite informative and shows great photos of the scuola.