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Jun 3, 2010 09:29 AM

super corn at giant

this corn is the sweetest i've ever had. on sale today, maybe tomorrow. i think sale ends today.

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  1. We just had some of this corn as well. While it wasn't the best we've ever had, it was really good!

    1. It really is good. I bought some, blanched it and put it in freezer bags!!

      1. i think safeway has florida white corn on sale now, and that probably is similar. their sale goes through tuesday night. 12 for 2 bucks. super deal.

        i went to giant last night and got 12 more ears.

        i prepare them simply in the micro -- wrap in wet paper towel and nuke, then husk.

        1. thanks for the heads-up. I picked some up this evening, and it's so very much much better than the yellow fiber on a roller that is most supermarket corn.