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Jun 3, 2010 09:01 AM

Lunch in Lake George

Hi, we'll be driving down to NYC and will want to stop for a quick lunch halfway there (which takes us to the Lake George).

We stopped last year and tried some pizza joint on a whim located on the main street (it was nothing special andI don't remember the name right now, it was quite greasy actually) .

I'm assuming all these spots are touristy but there must be something quick and cheap which is really good. We're looking to keep it simple. Any suggestions would be appreciated and it doesn't necessarily have to be in Lake George although I don't want to deviate too much off I-87.


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  1. we stopped at a very good greek place on the main drag but for the life of me i can't recall the name. it was a couple of doors from from a micro winery. reasonable and very good. if i think of it, i'll be back.

    1. If you have a little time and can make it up to Bolton Landing, The Algonquin has great pub style food and beautiful views of the lake. It's pretty easy to get to from 87 and you can sit outside of the weather's nice. I would NOT recommend the restaurant upstairs but the downstairs bar and restaurant are great!

        1. Skip Lake George, continue on Route 9 South (which is the main drag in Lake George). Go past the intersection with Route 149 which puts you in the shopping outlet strip. Either the Montcalm restaurant (right side of Route 9), or the Log Jam (left side of Route 9) are much better than you will find in Lake George. You might even want to shop a little bit in the outlets, which have some brand name stores.

          Log Jam Restaurant
          Routes 9 149, Lake George, NY 12845

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            Second the Log Jam restaurant. Just went there recently after doing some shopping. I believe it used be called The Meeting Place.


            I have only had lunch at one place I liked in Lake George. It's heading toward The Sagamore. Can't recall the name. On the lake side. Lots of ski memorabilia and old photos. Had a pecan crusted chicken salad that was pretty good. Lake G. is pretty limited for houndworthy dinner options as well.

            1. re: financialdistrictresident

              Can anyone identify the Greek place that davmar77 mentioned, or the lunch place with ski memorabilia that fin.dis.resident mentioned? Thanks.

          2. Just remembered The Farmhouse may be open for lunch (not sure how "quick and cheap"):