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Jun 3, 2010 08:24 AM

Food options in Rome off-hours on Sunday

I'll be arriving in Rome around 3pm on a Sunday and will likely be starving after the long flight. I know my options will be highly limited, but what types of things might I find to eat at that time (on a Sunday no less) to tide me over until dinner? Any ideas?


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  1. My strategy would be to go to one of the expensive hotels -- like Hotel Eden -- and hope they have a bar menu. But better than hope, try e-mailing such a hotel first and ask if you arrive at 3pm or 4pm if you can get some food at the bar.

    1. go to cafes/bars - they will all have some panino etc. at least...

      1. You'll find plenty of bars open with something to snack on. And there's always gelato to tide you over till dinner. Where are you staying?

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          We're staying at the Westin Excelsior on Via Veneto. But we're willing to travel for food!

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            San Marco is a pleasant spot off the Via Veneto, down the street from the Marriott Flora, about a seven minute leisurely walk from the Westin. Walk up toward the walls and then hang a right for three blocks. San Marco is open for lunch and dinner every day, offers outdoor seating, the staff is comfortable dealing with tourists from the major hotels, prices are far more reasonable than the usual tourist traps directly off the V.V., menu is focused but varied and the quality is quite good. Menu has the English translation below each menu item should that be of concern to you.

            Salads, pasta, veg and meat and, yup, good pizzas. I have been there several times after a long flight and found it spot on for what you (and I) are looking for under the circumstances. Nothing to go out of your way for but in your situation upon arrival...

            Inside near the huge bar, it can get loud with the large tv and loquacious locals dropping in for chow and quaff.