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Jun 3, 2010 08:14 AM

Edelweiss v Otto's sausage

Any thoughts on the major differences between sausages from these two fine establishments. I'm new to the area and always buy German sausages for my boy's birthday.

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  1. Haven't had any from either in a long time, I admit, but I remember them both having good product, with Edelweiss perhaps having slightly more exotic items; however, the vibe at Otto's was always much more copacetic than that at Edelweiss's. Not as crowded and certainly with less aggressive and fewer grim-visaged customers than E's. The Woodstock area is also a nice, low-key commercial district to patronize.

    1. I personally prefer Edelweiss and feel that their German sausages are truer to the German standards. Don't be scared away by Dr. Chow's description of the mad house that can be the meat counter at Edelweiss -- while nothing he said was inaccurate, I prefer to think of it as part of the charm. You'll frequently find German being spoken between customers and deli staff.

      For your future reference, if it's non-German sausages you're after (boudin blanc/noir, chorizo, andouille, merguez, etc), Laurelhurst Market is wonderful.

      1. I prefer Edelweiss for their large supply of products.Their own weineli are the best, they have a nice crunch and great flavour.Dont forget their "fine" bratwurst,very fine in texture and mild flavour,more like the sausages they serve in Switzerland and Germany.Buy some chocolate and fresh bread for a yummy bread sandwich.