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Jun 3, 2010 08:14 AM

The Art of Mexican Cooking by Diana Kennedy VS Rick Bayless's Mexican Kitchen

I want to get learn more about mexican cooking. Both of these books seem to be very well rated on Amazon. They are both between 400 and 500 pages.

Does anyone have opinions on these books? I would especially like to hear from people familiar with both.

Thank you.

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    1. You can't go wrong with either; they're both excellent choices. But if I got to start all over and pick a first Mexican cookbook again, it would be Kennedy's "The Essential Cuisines of Mexico."

      1. I humbly submit that Marge Poore's "1,000 Mexican Recipes" is worthy of inclusion in this discussion. Like the other two books, it is a weighty tome. It is also crammed with wonderful recipes of varying complexity, and nice little tidbits of local lore and culinary wisdom. It's got to be near the top of the Mexican cookbook stack.

        1. The first thing I'd do is try to check them out from your local library for a 'test drive'.

          The cookbook I most regret not reading and buying 15 years ago is Bayless first book 'Authentic Mexican'. It covers just about all areas of Mexico and is very accessible for the non-Mexican cook.
          All of Diana Kennedy's books are great reads, but she makes few concessions to 'quick and easy'; she cooks the traditional, time consuming way.
          Another cookbook author who has been writing for a long time is Patricia Quintana, a renowned Mexican chef. Some of her books are published in English.

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            Ok well I am a fan of both, but as a person who travels often to Mexico and lives in Texas this is what I would tell you. Kennedy is more old school traditional Mexican. Rick put a more modern spin on old world Mexican. I would start with Kennedy's to learn the basic's and then move on to Rick's. I think Rick is a little more upscale and gourmet.

          2. The original comment has been removed