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Jun 3, 2010 07:54 AM

Outside Terrasses in Montreal

Montreal has always had a love affair with outside terrasses, once temperatures are just above freezing, we are out there in droves. So I would like to know what little gems are out there, and why you consider them worthy...ambiance? drinks? food? The rooftop terrasses are the ultimate IMHO, but I don' want to miss something just because it's at ground level. Something to consider is also the time of day, so feel free to mention the best time to go. My plan is to make a list and work my way through all of them, hopefully the weather will cooperate.

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  1. Here's an extended if a little outdated discussion:

    Doing a search on terrace or terrasse will turn up several other threads.

    1. I would defnitely start with Carswell's advice, and if you have time left, last week's Voir had a heavy focus on terrasses, for what it's worth:

      The only real conclusion I came away with is: it's surprising how many restaurants have nice terasses, even some where you can only drink and/or nimble, when you wouldn't expect it. May be because I'm discovering more of them, but to me it seems like there are more and more in Mtl (which is great!).

      1. Blue Raisin (a BYOW) has a terrasse. We were inside but the food was lovely and the terrasse would have made that excellent meal even better :)