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Jun 3, 2010 07:29 AM

Verona Ranges --- Anyone have any experience?

I am looking at a 30 inch Verona range. It is gorgeous and is loaded with features but I can't seem to find much. I have come across a few very old reviews on some discontinued verona models that are not very nice to say the least. I have also found a couple of current reviews on that particuar range that rave about it. I contacted Eurochef, the distributor and they explained that although the brand name is Verona, the new line of ranges are made in another factory in Italy. Just looking to see if anyone here has first hand knowledge on this model VEFSGG31NG. I know Eurochef also sells the Fratelli Onofri and ILVE brands and people seem to love them so they seem to be a good company. $3,000 isn't a lot of money for that type of range but it's a lot to me and I need to be sure.

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  1. Hi Sue
    Had the Verona range for a couple of months. Love it. I do a lot of cooking and find the range of heat amazing. The burners simmer down to 400 btu. Made hollandaise sauce last week and was able to keep it warm without turning. I also find that whenever I entertain, my guests always have nice comments about my new stove. I was concerned about the reviews on the old models but was told by my dealer that it was a different company. I guess Verona is a common name in Europe as the new models are made by Smalvik. I found a lot of info on their website . As far as I'm concerned, they could make it on the moon. The stove works perfectly. Hope this helps.

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      Hi Ollie715,
      Are you still happy with the Verona Pro? How is the oven? Has it needed any repairs? We are looking at ranges, and I find the Verona Pro very appealing, but it's still hard to find many customer reviews on it. Also, can't find the Pro in any showroom. Thanks!

    2. While I'm sure it's probably an excellent value, bear in mind that should a replacement part be required, even if under warranty, you don't want to wait for a slow boat from China to deliver it. There may be more cachet to owning an Italian range, but make sure the service is there to back it up.

      1. collinscancook: did you end up with the Verona? If yes, impressions? If no--why not? I love it and it's on my short list, along with the Bertazzoni and American Range. any input is much appreciated!

        1. I'm trying to decide which 36" italian european style range range to buy. The Verona, Frattelli Onofri, and Bertazonni all seem to have fairly good reviews. I was wondering if anyone has heard of the Hallman Industries range. They seem very similar but with a much better price. Any feedback would be appreciated. thanks, Teresa

          1. Just returned my back after 2 weeks. Ordere Capital Presition instead. It cooked well much better then my old Frigider. But my old Frigider igniters never failed in 9 years. On Verona rig t front stoped clicking in 4 days in 4 more back did not work. When called customer service, was given BS about buying it from unauthorized dealer (it's a well known company), and refusal to service it. It all happened within return period (thank you God). Besides all that oven is tinyl, broiler looked unimpressive, instruction made by 4 year old. Burners looked better then on some more expansive ranges and visually it was very pleasing. After extensive research decided to go with American made Capital. One more grand, but on paper looks like much better product. Will report my exprnce.