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Jun 3, 2010 07:09 AM

Two Best Panini's (Eastchester Area) - Stephen's Green & Giovanni's Deli

Seems to me everone is offering paninis on the menu these days, but they always seem to be nothing more than your run of the mill deli sandwiches done in a panini press. Everywhere I go, I see Reuben, Ham and Cheese, Turkey Club, etc. Well last night I saw one on the menu that sounded pretty good. It was eggplant, arugula, and blue cheese. It came with fries, but even though I like the fries at SG, I opted for the cole slaw. The sandwich was a nice size, but not very thick. Everythign fused perfectly, and I found myself scraping the plate with a fork to get every last bit. The cole slaw was nice, a bit heavy on the mayo, but I prefer it like that and the portion was huge (also served in a separate bowl so it didn't run into the panini.

The other best one is at Giovanni's Deli by EHS. It's the Calabrese Combo. It's a combination of meats, cheese and hot cherry peppers. The key is the Calabrese salami. It's got some heat to it, but is absolutely delicious. It's obviously popular there, because they have it on their breakfast sandwish menu too. Definitely my two favorite paninis and far from the boring stuff on most menus.

Anyone know of any other interesting panini offerings?

Giovanni's Deli
146 Lincoln Ave, Eastchester, NY 10709

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  1. Have you done Dante's in White Plains? I love their paninis - very much like the ones I've had in Italy - on ciabatta and properly pressed. Service can be a bit slow in there, often inexplicably so but worth it. Can't think of the names of the ones I've had but they've been excellent. Also, the new deli/sandwich/gelato/coffee shop next to Rustico in Scarsdale, owned by Rustico, makes some nice panini as well.

    Not sure why but so far all my posts today have been responses to your posts.

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      dante's is delicious but astoundingly slow. bring your lunch when you go for lunch.

    2. Dante's panini are awesome but the wait is ridiculous plus they charge and arm and a leg. The last time I was there I walked out $11 short for a sandwich and a water. We're not in NYC folks!

      I am going to try Giovanni's today and will update afterwards.