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Le Boucan

Anybody been to Le boucan a new restaurant on Notre Dame West

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  1. What kind of BBQ smoker they have?

    1. Haven't been but now I'm intrigued to see how it compares to Mesquite & Bofinger. Here's their Facebook page:


      Apparently David Adjey shot a piece there for "The Opener" on the Food Network.

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        Since they're on David Adjey's new program. These are first time restaurant owners. Before considering trying, need some comments from people who have eaten there.

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          Our Friday Night Dining group is going tomorrow. I'll post comments on Saturday.

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              Well, BLM, I think the place has potential and they appear to be dedicated to doing it right. When I came in, I chatted with the manager (owner) and told him that I was looking forward to the brisket. He informed me that it was not yet on the menu because they had tested it on their smoker outdoors and it was perfect but after installing the smoker in the kitchen, it wasn't the same and they are going to wait until it is perfect before putting it on the menu. He told me that they are smoking the pork shoulder, used for the pulled pork,for 14 hours on low heat, but not one of the 14 people in our group ordered it, so I can't comment. Most had the chicken and everyone who had it liked it, especially the BBQ sauce. I tasted it and it was good. I had the "5 napkin" hamburger ordered medium rare but it came out medium well, but was tasty. The starters were excellent from a smoked tomato soup (wonderful) to a mac and cheese. I had a bacon brownie for dessert and it was delicious (cakey type brownie with bacon bits in the cake with vanilla ice cream - the combination of the sweet chocolate with the salty bacon was great). Service was slow but they have only been open for a week or so and they were packed. We ate on their lovely outdoor terrace in the back which was wonderful on this warm evening.
              Overall, I'd wait a few weeks to give them time to get their act together, but, overall, I think they' may have a winner.

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                Thanks. I'll give them a try maybe in a month or two. Could you elaborate on their bbq sauce(is it a particular style)? Is their smoker huge(if you saw it)? Just curious. Is there a sampler plate on their menu(where you can sample several of the BBQ meats)?

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                  I'm not overly familiar with styles of BBQ sauces but this one had a very pleasant smokey, slightly spicy flavour. It was on both the chiicken and the ribs (which, according to the people that had them, were very tasty). I didn't see the smoker so can't comment on the size. There was a taster platter on the menu, intended for 2 people. I saw one go by and it had the chicken, ribs and possibly the pork. I'm sure it will include the brisket when it finally appears on the menu.

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                  So they will allow customers to order their burger medium-rare? I saw that they charge $15 for their 5 napkin hamburgers? Is it worth it, & why the high cost?

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                    The burgers are good - and come with two sides, as well as bacon and cheese IIRC, and a host of other toppings. Yes, it's more expensive than Buns, but it's a nicer atmosphere, to say the least.

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                The challenge for slow cook BBQ is producing a consistent product. The problem for Bofinger(from what I hear) is their product is not always consistent, but when they do it good their slow cook bbq can be excellent.

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                  It's no longer even a question of consistency - the quality of Bofinger's BBQ just keeps slipping. The last time I was there (a few months back), there was no smoky taste whatsoever to any of the items we tried. As this had followed several previously disappointing visits, I have no plans to go back. Which is too bad, because I'd really enjoyed it once upon a time.

          1. I ate there last week and I really enjoyed it. The chicken nachos were delicious, and the salsa had a nice smokey flavour. A great sharing snack. My friend and I shared the pit bull platter so we could try everything. I LOVED the ribs. They fell off the bone, but also had some crisp to the outside. The BBQ sauce was nice and spicy and i ended up dipping my french fries in it, instead of kethcup. The pulled pork was also yummy, as was the chicken, although, I don't eat chicken skin so once I took it off, it was just nicely cooked chicken meat that I dipped in yummy sauce. The bacon brownie was fun, but more of a novelty item. I didn't think "OMG, this is what brownies have been missing all these years! Bacon!" but they were good. The pie in a glass was ok, but I like my pie in a pie.

            I really recommend trying Le Boucan if you're a carnivore...though, I saw someone order the chef salad and it looked good. And I would be into trying the salmon.

            1. We ate here Saturday night on a whim. We arrived around 9pm and the place was pretty busy. They have about 8 tables inside and a small terrace in the back with about 6 tables. With the dreary weather this weekend, the terrace was empty. We were able to snag a table near the door. There was a very young clientele that night. I think that we (in our early 30's) were quite possibly the oldsters of the bunch. Lots of people hanging out by the bar and enjoying themselves, perhaps before heading to Crescent St?

              Service was fast and very friendly. Our waiter was very enthusiastic about the food and really seems to like working there. Also, our food came out pretty quickly given how busy they were. He recommended the Pit Boss ($42) which features 1/2 a BBQ chicken, 1/2 a rack of ribs, a serving of pulled pork, fries, potato salad, and cole slaw. This was definitely plenty of food for two people, and it gives a good sampling of the BBQ. I have to say, after having moved here from the South, and being bitterly disappointed by both Bofinger and Mesquite, this place is pretty darn good! The chicken was moist, the ribs had a nice chew while still falling off the bone, and the pork had a bit of a cakey texture, but tasted good. The sauce is really good, a bit thinner than I'm used to, but it has a really good smokey, spicy, and slightly sweet flavor. The fries were hot and fresh, the potato salad was ok, and the slaw was relatively bland. But overall, good execution with the meat, which to me is the most important.

              All in all, we would definitely return.

              1. Tried it tonight! Overall: quite pleasant - a nice addition to the neighbourhood.

                BBQ chicken was perfectly cooked but could have used more sauce, which was excellent - sweet and smoky. The so-called 5-napkin burger, while very tasty (made with roti de palette), was slightly overcooked and sadly, required 4 fewer napkins than promised. It featured (relatively modest portions of) smoked gouda, caramelized onions, and bacon. All things which are easily remedied. I loved the fries.

                Some non-food-related highlights: beautiful terrasse (there are holes sawed in the wooden fence to accommodate the existing trees); friendly unassuming service; AMAZING soundtrack- very important in my books (Dylan! Grateful Dead! Doors! Stones! Beach Boys!); and general good vibes.

                1. My girlfriend and I went to Le boucan Friday night for dinner, and it was amazing. Mac and cheese appetizer was gnarly good, super creamy, crunchy top. The tomato soup was super spicy and awesome; it came with bacon in it, so my girl asked if she could get it with no bacon, so they took it back no problem and swapped it for a new one. We shared the "Pit Boss Platter" which came with ribs, half a chicken, pulled pork and fries, and that was ridiculously tasty. They have an awesome little terrace in the back, and great selection of beer. Best BBQ in the city of Montreal for sure.

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                    I am always looking for great ribs....tried Le Boucan last night and had the full rack for $26 which came with fries and slaw or potato salad. Asked for and received extra sauce and they were very tasty and I give the place a thumbs up, although not a bargain...fair value is what you get.

                    Half rack at $18 is overpriced...my recommendation is to go there when you are hungry and enjoy the whole rack for $8 more.

                  2. I'm so excited about this place... I can't wait to try the Pit Boss Platter! I'm guessing that's the ribs, pulled pork and chicken combo. Prices are a bit steep for BBQ at any level, though I guess if this is what it takes to get quality in this city, I can't really complain!

                    Their menu is posted online here: http://www.leboucan.com/

                    I just hope that this is really it,, I've been waiting too long for REAL bbq in Montreal and given how close this is to home, if it's the real deal I can surely see myself making weekly trips down Notre Dame!

                    Has anyone tried the shrimp app?

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                      iv'e been over this week, it is a very casual place, the total opposite of fancy, totaly down to earth. food is pretty good, prices are a little step i think tho but their sauce is to die for.

                      here what we had:

                      Mechante Crevette:

                      Single giant shrimp, grilled served over a masson jar containing some of their bbq sauce, with about 3 bites of a pepper salad, while good, it was a tad small

                      Mac and cheese:

                      Nice little portion of mac and cheese, very very very good.

                      Chef salad:

                      Regular lettuce, home made dressing, some grilled veggie, and a portobello with melted brie on it. big salad, definetly worth the money.

                      Ribs: great sauce, fall off the bone, nothing more to say!

                      5 napkin burger, pretty good(salad, bacon, gouda chese, caramelized ognions and tomatoes, with bbq sauce and mayo) but kinda lacking a wow factor.

                      their fries are good.

                      their colesaw is very very impressive!

                      i didnt try the dessert tho, we decided to head down to juliet and chocolat instead.

                    2. Went there for dinner this evening, nice little place, friendly staff. Ordered the full rack of ribs (best quality/price ratio imo) and they were fantastic, awesome sauce and great coleslaw and potato salad (homemade). Service was a little frazzled and they made a mistake on one of the mains (my friend ordered the pulled pork, they brought ribs...) but was rectified instantly and satisfactorily. She said the pulled pork was awesome and I had a taste which was very good indeed. Had 2 mains, one mac and cheese app (small bit tasty) and 3 pints, came out to around $70...Will be going back.

                      1. I took my girlfriend for dinner tonight and it was a great overall experience! Service was quirky and fun. Easy going, unpretentious atmosphere with a great simple and warm antique decor (quite fitting seeing as though it was an antique shop in another life). Prices are fair and the food is great. We had the chicken wings (crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. The sauce was a perfect balance of sweet, sour, and spicy), the pulled pork sandwich (Melt in your mouth open faced pulled pork sandwich with a drizzle of their amazing homemade bbq sauce served over a hot dog type bun), and the ribs (Fair sized portion smothered in bbq sauce crispy on the outside, nice and tender inside). The fries were beautifully crisp and the vinaigrette on the side salad was light and delicious, it highlighted the fresh greens and veggies very nicely.

                        They have a nice small wine list we went with the Pinot. All of the desserts sounded good but we opted for the buttermilk pie... Great choice! It was reminiscent of a warm pudding chomure with a gingerbread and cookie crust. Topped with a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream and some sort of candied nut sprinkled on top.

                        However, in the end this is what sealed the deal for us. We had a misunderstanding with our waitress and our main courses were brought to us before we got our chicken wings. I made mention of this to our waitress and she extremely apologetic. We decided to have the wings anyway and eat them with our main course (good choice!) when the bill arrived our waitress informed us that they had deducted five dollars from the total of the bill to compensate for the misunderstanding. Fantastic customer service! This is the kind of thing that is lacking in Montreal restaurants these days, that and good water service (which was right on point by the way). It really made us fell like we were important to them and just topped of a great meal.

                        We will defiantly be back! Great bet for some sweet, and spicy BBQ lovin in Montreal!

                        Le Boucan
                        1886 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal, QC H3J 2P2, CA

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                          Really glad to hear about finally seeing some customer service. By deducting that $5, they're assuring themselves of another $80 when you return. This is something that so many restaurants seem to overlook these days.
                          I haven't yet been but I've heard good things about the food, staff and owners and wish them well.

                          1. re: Skotty

                            I had equally great service. Plus, I've been craving another tomato soup since the moment I put the spoon down (try that next time). My wife, who normally can't stand tomato soup, agreed that this was tops.
                            Thanks for describing the buttermilk pie - sound right up my alley.

                            1. re: Skotty

                              Yeah, I have yet to try as well
                              Looking forward to their quirky service, amazing homemade bbq sauce, beautifully crisp fries, warm pudding chomure, and good water service!

                              1. re: Skotty

                                Went last saturday. The inside of the restaurant was completely empty aside from our table. Service was good, if a little half-minded, but very friendly. Agreed the tomato soup was AMAZING, and great value for $5. Was really excited to try the ribs based on all the positive reviews in this thread. But, there was hardly any meat on my ribs and the little meat i had was pretty dry. The sauce and fries were very tasty. The server mentioned that they had to prepare a new batch of ribs, maybe this bad batch was just a fluke?

                              2. I've been at least 5 times now and have basically sampeled every last menu option available and everything is outstanding! The only dish I wasn't wild about was the BBQ Chicken Sandwich, only because it came smothered in a white creamy sauce not unlike a Chicken Salad Sandwich which I was not really prepared for in a place like this. But otherwise, the food is excellent, consistent and prices are reasonable for the amount you get... which is a LOT! I love this place, and it's become a standard for take-out inr ecent weeks. The poutine with bbq pulled pork is incredible.. tried it for the first-time the other day and fell in love! The desserts are also all outstanding!

                                1. Le Boucan is being featured on the Food Network show, The Opener. Has anyone been there recently? I'm planning a birthday party there for Nov. 2nd.

                                  Le Boucan
                                  1886 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal, QC H3J 2P2, CA

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                                    I had dinner there last Saturday. Had the pit boss platter(42$) with a friend. You get half a rack of ribs, half a bbq chicken and some pulled pork with 3 sides(potato salad, coleslaw and fries) and a jug of their bbq sauce. Ribs were good as was the pulled pork, chicken was nothing to write home about. Sides were decent with the cajun fries being the standout. The place was crowded (was there around 7 with reservations) and they were forced to turn away some customers.
                                    One gripe though: there was no heat in the restaurant. It was either broken or they didn't have it installed yet. It was pretty cold for my taste and it was only a mid October night, might be even colder in November.
                                    Nevertheless, the food is pretty good and reasonably priced. Atmosphere is relaxed and service is attentive.

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                                      Thank you for such a prompt and detailed reply.

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                                      I had a birthday party for my mom there recently (9 people). Everything was great - wonderful service and everyone loved the food. Only issue was a fairly loud hockey game on in the background, which they had warned me about in advance. They had their pastry chef make my mom a chocolate cake which she loved. I watched the episode recently and it made me want to go back again soon. Standouts for me are the roasted tomato soup, chicken-salsa nachos (not pulled pork like you'll see in The Opener), and the to-die-for buttermilk pie, which I'd had on a previous visit.

                                    3. Tried the ribs yesterday. Me and the woman split a rack of ribs. Although they were good they werent great. I did enjoy the sauce though. Only problem I have with the place is the pricing. I think its a few dollars too much for what it is.

                                      1. Went to Boucan, about a month after they opened, and was hugely disapointed, 18 dollars for 5 baby back ribs is an outrage, while i will grant them that they have a good BBQ sauce, dunking everything in it is not a substitute for proper smoking technique or rub. First of all no self-respecting BBQ place would ever even serve baby backs, yes they are more tender, but the complete lack of fat translates into poor flavor hence you will never see them on the menu of any self respecting BBQ "joint" or at any BBQ competition. I went and talked with the chef/owner and asked them what their inspiration was and the first thing that came out of his mouth was Baton-Rouge after that i couldn't take the place seriously anymore.
                                        The mac and cheese was quite good but not worth the hefty >10$ price, everything else we ate was ok but egregiously over-priced.

                                        I can't help but wait untill the day that this city has a respectable BBQ joint, there have been several contenders in recent years but they all come up short.

                                        In the meantime my fellow montreal BBQ enthusiasts, either get youself a smoker and learn to do it right or take a trip south of the border where at least you can find some respectable 'Que

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                                          Oh dear, Baton Rouge? Seriously?? Ouch.

                                          1. re: JohnnyCakes

                                            The mac & cheese is $8 according to their online menu.

                                            1. re: kpzoo

                                              maybe you're right about the 8$ price for mac and cheese but the fact that you can eat it in 3 bites doesn't make it any better of a deal, perhaps they've changed their portions and pricing structure since i've been but the first impression was enough to not go back

                                              1. re: kpzoo

                                                It would not be the first time that there is a price difference between a restaurant's "online" menu and their "in the resto" menu. I see it often and the "online" price is always lower.

                                                1. re: Bwitch

                                                  It's $8 in the restaurant too, and the portion is large.

                                                  You can see a photo of the actual menu here: http://www.urbanspoon.com/u/menu/1529...

                                                  Here's a pic of the mac & cheese: http://i615.photobucket.com/albums/tt...

                                                  1. re: kpzoo

                                                    while i grant that your pic of the mac and cheese looks like a respectable portion, I can tell you mine was not overfilling like that when i ordered it and after my girfriend and 2 other dinner guest each had a single bite there was nothing left. I stand by my original post about the value of pretty much everything at this resto. it must be expensive to pay those griffintown rental prices, gentrification may be great for the neighborhood but someone has to pay for it. (BTW most real BBQ joints include mac and cheese as a free side dish, so to charge ALMOST 10$ for it is pretty weak)

                                              2. re: JohnnyCakes

                                                I totally agree with you. This place is a rip off. Their only saving grace is their BBQ sauce. Couldn't believe how dry my ribs were the other day. I'm gonna just buy their sauce and make my own ribs next time.

                                              3. Went last night with 3 friends around 8pm. Was fairly busy for a Thursday night, but we had made reservations and got the nice booth next to the windows.

                                                We ended up getting 2 Pit Boss platters (half-portion of ribs, half-chicken, small bowl of pulled pork, fries, coleslaw, potato salad), and one extra side of Mac and Cheese. The ribs were very good, coated in a sweet, molasses-like, slightly spicy sauce, perfectly cooked (requires slight effort to get-off-the-bone). The pulled pork was also very, very good (possibly as good as what Sparrow served once upon a time). However, it came without any bread so we asked for some rolls. Instead we got spread-open hot dog bread, toasted on the grill. We were a bit apprehensive about it, but stuff with pulled pork and coleslaw, topped off with more of their very good sauce, it made for a pulled-pork sandwich / dog that was extremely tasty.

                                                The chicken was good too, although I have trouble differentiating between BBQ chickens in this city; to me they're either all OK or "Horrible". So, this one was well-cooked, tender and juicy, made better by the crispy skin and liberal dollops of sauce.

                                                It was a bit pricier than I would've liked (the pit boss platter for 2 was $42, and I'd like to see it include more pulled pork and ribs and less chicken). A pint of Rickard's Red was $7 IIRC, which is also on the high end of the spectrum.

                                                For dessert we split the bacon brownie and the buttermilk pie, both served with ice cream. Bacon brownie was interesting but I agree with what was written above in terms of it being more of a novelty, and the buttermilk pie was good, though small for the place.

                                                I'll go back to get my BBQ fix once in a while, as the ribs rival anything else I've had in Montreal restos, and the pulled pork on its own is a much better deal than in the combo dishes (a more-reasonable $13, I believe). On the one hand they could stand to lower their prices and increase the portion size, but considering how busy the resto still is, perhaps that wouldn't make sense for them.

                                                Le Boucan
                                                1886 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal, QC H3J 2P2, CA

                                                1. Since most of these are older I thought I'd chime in. We went today and split a pit boss platter. I wasn't impressed with the ribs either (and the Baton Rouge comment makes perfect sense in light of my complaints about their ribs as well --why oh WHY does that place get any business in this town? Worst.Food.Ever) but my husband and daughter were quite happy. My husband appears to be the only person on earth who doesn't like the sauce on the side. He says it's just his taste tho, nothing actually wrong with it. The chicken and pork were amazing. Both were so soft and tender; I felt like the pork was melting in my mouth. We also had a side of the tomato soup which was absolutely delicious. I'm not sure $5 is really reasonable to pay for soup on a regular basis but it was good enough I'm going to try to recreate it at home and would eat it there again. The cheesy bread on it was also fabulous. I loved the potato salad and only got 1/3 of the way through it as my husband and daughter don't do potato salad. The fries, probably about the best in Montreal. Great spice, but not too intense (compared to say, 5 Guys, who really need to calm down with the cajun spice). Great with mayo.

                                                  I personally don't feel a need to eat bread with my BBQ. Bread is just a filler and I prefer to concentrate on the meat and I don't get why people act like the meal is incomplete without bread. It's just really not necessary and I prefer my pulled pork without bread so I can concentrate on the meat.

                                                  I must also contest the complaints about portion sizes. Those are perfectly reasonable portion sizes unless you're a fat American (which ironically I am) and it certainly takes more than 4-5 bites to get through it as someone else suggested unless you are using a shovel for a spoon. They're sides, not main meal portions. My husband and I are both hearty eaters, my daughter is quite respectable in her own right, and while we got through the ribs and half the pork and half the chicken the rest came home with us. We just could not stuff one more bite in. Unless you're large manual labour working men who haven't eaten all day I can't figure out why anyone would think the platter wasn't sufficient for a bare minimum of two people. We have enough left to make another full meal for us between the chicken and pork. and sides.

                                                  My complaint is something I complain about in all Montreal restaurants. I am tired of being seated close enough to other customers to tell what kind of cologne and shampoo they useand then being charged out the hind end. Garde Manger is on my blacklist forever for gratuitous over violation of this offence and Pied de Cochon and L'Avenue are on a very restricted parole. Le Boucan is extremely, IMHO, cramped and when I'm paying in the double digits for an entree I expect better ambiance. However, they get a reprieve because it IS a BBQ joint and well, BBQ should not be fancy! I'm almost horrified to find out what Gordon Ramsay has planned on Laurier...

                                                  **None of us are into cole slaw, we saved it for our son who was not with us and he reports it was "pretty awesome".

                                                  Le Boucan
                                                  1886 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal, QC H3J 2P2, CA

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                                                  1. re: wendykh

                                                    I tried Le Boucan the other day, I found the ribs really good, the sauce had a nice smokiness and the ribs were juicy all the way through. Pulled pork was also very good but I wasn't crazy about it served on the hot dog bun. Two thumbs up for the Mac and Cheese too.

                                                    Quote from above, "I went and talked with the chef/owner and asked them what their inspiration was and the first thing that came out of his mouth was Baton-Rouge after that i couldn't take the place seriously anymore. "

                                                    Is it possible he was referring to the city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and not the Montreal chain?

                                                    1. re: ios94

                                                      Funny you should revive this thread because I ordered in twice from them the week before the holidays when I was sick in bed, and I have to say that everything save the pulled pork sandwich was inedible. Five napkins burger was one the worst tasting hamburgers I've ever had. The tomato soup (I wanted to sample some new stuff) was worse than Campbell's. Mac and cheese was no good. Poutine was utterly gross. And for some reason each time I'd order, they sent me completely different style french fries with different cut and seasoning. I wouldn't bother going back. Ice House does all the same stuff ten times better.

                                                  2. Went this summer and wouldn`t go back.Overpriced and really nothing special.Anyone can make pulled pork better and the burger tasted burnt and dry.Side of Mac and cheese was ok but I wouldn`t go to a restaurant for a side of mac``n`cheese.

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                                                    1. re: Lolaray

                                                      I dunno, this seems to be a love-it or hate-it place. Although I don't hate it, I really didn't care for it (and I WANTED to like it).
                                                      We all have our likes and dislikes and I don't fault people for this (except for maybe the advertisement cum gushing review I replied to upthread). Maybe I'm wrong, but I feel the folks at Boucan opened this resto not for the love of BBQ, but from a strict business standpoint. This isn't necessarily wrong (many people do this, I understand), but I just think the feel is wrong.
                                                      This is solely based on my opinion and my opinion alone.

                                                      1. re: porker

                                                        I agree with porker about the business slant to this place.I've been trying to like BBQ and have tried it in New York,Chicago and Washington.I have yet to like it but don't think a BBQ resto in Montreal is going to pull it off.I find a chicken and rib combo at Scores way more satisfying.I know that's tantamount to foodie sacrilege but I'm getting tired of restos putting a little spin on something really ordinary ,charging big bucks and then the public lapping it up.

                                                        1. re: porker

                                                          the opener on food network helped le boucan actually get it together and open. the episode revealed just how inexperienced and unknowledgeable about bbq the owner was

                                                          1. re: BarackHObama

                                                            I actually thought it was quite decent when it first opened, although I agree with all the above sentiments. It's clear now just how clueless they are. There's no labor of love in this operation; it's plain food cranked out for the masses. And this food has only gotten worse over time. The meals that I had recently were simply unacceptable. The ribs remain fairly consistent I suppose, and I would still return strictly for that alone given the other options in this city (and the fact that I really like their back patio on a warm summer night) but everything else on the menu is bland, tasteless and just plain bad. The overpriced burger and pulled pork poutine that I ordered last month were not just unappetizing, but truly among the worst of either menu items that I've sampled in a restaurant in this city for as long as I can remember. Whoever is in the kitchen just does not know what they are doing.

                                                      2. Just went to Le boucan with a group of friends, we loved our experience! The chicken on the nacho was really good and my girlfriend loved the mac n` cheese! I had the ribs and chicken combo and if was really good. The cocktail list is quite nice and the service was great. The waitress had a great attention to details! I recommend it!

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                                                        1. re: Charles_O

                                                          i went last week. the ribs were really good as were the sides. enjoyed the dill in the coleslaw. horrible beer selection : (