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Jun 3, 2010 06:20 AM

Le Boucan

Anybody been to Le boucan a new restaurant on Notre Dame West

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  1. What kind of BBQ smoker they have?

    1. Haven't been but now I'm intrigued to see how it compares to Mesquite & Bofinger. Here's their Facebook page:

      Apparently David Adjey shot a piece there for "The Opener" on the Food Network.

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        Since they're on David Adjey's new program. These are first time restaurant owners. Before considering trying, need some comments from people who have eaten there.

        1. re: BLM

          Our Friday Night Dining group is going tomorrow. I'll post comments on Saturday.

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              Well, BLM, I think the place has potential and they appear to be dedicated to doing it right. When I came in, I chatted with the manager (owner) and told him that I was looking forward to the brisket. He informed me that it was not yet on the menu because they had tested it on their smoker outdoors and it was perfect but after installing the smoker in the kitchen, it wasn't the same and they are going to wait until it is perfect before putting it on the menu. He told me that they are smoking the pork shoulder, used for the pulled pork,for 14 hours on low heat, but not one of the 14 people in our group ordered it, so I can't comment. Most had the chicken and everyone who had it liked it, especially the BBQ sauce. I tasted it and it was good. I had the "5 napkin" hamburger ordered medium rare but it came out medium well, but was tasty. The starters were excellent from a smoked tomato soup (wonderful) to a mac and cheese. I had a bacon brownie for dessert and it was delicious (cakey type brownie with bacon bits in the cake with vanilla ice cream - the combination of the sweet chocolate with the salty bacon was great). Service was slow but they have only been open for a week or so and they were packed. We ate on their lovely outdoor terrace in the back which was wonderful on this warm evening.
              Overall, I'd wait a few weeks to give them time to get their act together, but, overall, I think they' may have a winner.

              1. re: davyboy

                Thanks. I'll give them a try maybe in a month or two. Could you elaborate on their bbq sauce(is it a particular style)? Is their smoker huge(if you saw it)? Just curious. Is there a sampler plate on their menu(where you can sample several of the BBQ meats)?

                1. re: BLM

                  I'm not overly familiar with styles of BBQ sauces but this one had a very pleasant smokey, slightly spicy flavour. It was on both the chiicken and the ribs (which, according to the people that had them, were very tasty). I didn't see the smoker so can't comment on the size. There was a taster platter on the menu, intended for 2 people. I saw one go by and it had the chicken, ribs and possibly the pork. I'm sure it will include the brisket when it finally appears on the menu.

                2. re: davyboy

                  So they will allow customers to order their burger medium-rare? I saw that they charge $15 for their 5 napkin hamburgers? Is it worth it, & why the high cost?

                  1. re: BLM

                    The burgers are good - and come with two sides, as well as bacon and cheese IIRC, and a host of other toppings. Yes, it's more expensive than Buns, but it's a nicer atmosphere, to say the least.

              2. re: davyboy

                The challenge for slow cook BBQ is producing a consistent product. The problem for Bofinger(from what I hear) is their product is not always consistent, but when they do it good their slow cook bbq can be excellent.

                1. re: BLM

                  It's no longer even a question of consistency - the quality of Bofinger's BBQ just keeps slipping. The last time I was there (a few months back), there was no smoky taste whatsoever to any of the items we tried. As this had followed several previously disappointing visits, I have no plans to go back. Which is too bad, because I'd really enjoyed it once upon a time.

          1. I ate there last week and I really enjoyed it. The chicken nachos were delicious, and the salsa had a nice smokey flavour. A great sharing snack. My friend and I shared the pit bull platter so we could try everything. I LOVED the ribs. They fell off the bone, but also had some crisp to the outside. The BBQ sauce was nice and spicy and i ended up dipping my french fries in it, instead of kethcup. The pulled pork was also yummy, as was the chicken, although, I don't eat chicken skin so once I took it off, it was just nicely cooked chicken meat that I dipped in yummy sauce. The bacon brownie was fun, but more of a novelty item. I didn't think "OMG, this is what brownies have been missing all these years! Bacon!" but they were good. The pie in a glass was ok, but I like my pie in a pie.

            I really recommend trying Le Boucan if you're a carnivore...though, I saw someone order the chef salad and it looked good. And I would be into trying the salmon.

            1. We ate here Saturday night on a whim. We arrived around 9pm and the place was pretty busy. They have about 8 tables inside and a small terrace in the back with about 6 tables. With the dreary weather this weekend, the terrace was empty. We were able to snag a table near the door. There was a very young clientele that night. I think that we (in our early 30's) were quite possibly the oldsters of the bunch. Lots of people hanging out by the bar and enjoying themselves, perhaps before heading to Crescent St?

              Service was fast and very friendly. Our waiter was very enthusiastic about the food and really seems to like working there. Also, our food came out pretty quickly given how busy they were. He recommended the Pit Boss ($42) which features 1/2 a BBQ chicken, 1/2 a rack of ribs, a serving of pulled pork, fries, potato salad, and cole slaw. This was definitely plenty of food for two people, and it gives a good sampling of the BBQ. I have to say, after having moved here from the South, and being bitterly disappointed by both Bofinger and Mesquite, this place is pretty darn good! The chicken was moist, the ribs had a nice chew while still falling off the bone, and the pork had a bit of a cakey texture, but tasted good. The sauce is really good, a bit thinner than I'm used to, but it has a really good smokey, spicy, and slightly sweet flavor. The fries were hot and fresh, the potato salad was ok, and the slaw was relatively bland. But overall, good execution with the meat, which to me is the most important.

              All in all, we would definitely return.

              1. Tried it tonight! Overall: quite pleasant - a nice addition to the neighbourhood.

                BBQ chicken was perfectly cooked but could have used more sauce, which was excellent - sweet and smoky. The so-called 5-napkin burger, while very tasty (made with roti de palette), was slightly overcooked and sadly, required 4 fewer napkins than promised. It featured (relatively modest portions of) smoked gouda, caramelized onions, and bacon. All things which are easily remedied. I loved the fries.

                Some non-food-related highlights: beautiful terrasse (there are holes sawed in the wooden fence to accommodate the existing trees); friendly unassuming service; AMAZING soundtrack- very important in my books (Dylan! Grateful Dead! Doors! Stones! Beach Boys!); and general good vibes.