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Jun 3, 2010 06:09 AM

'Hounder moving from Brooklyn to LA this summer, need advice

I'll be moving to LA this summer, looking at West Hollywood / Hollywood / Larchmont area (would have loved Santa Monica, however a daily commute to Hollywood is going to suck, would love to be 15 mins drive max), and I'm looking for any advice people have as to great foodie friendly areas.

I'd love to find a place within walking distance of great restaurants, places to buy fresh food, (and other shops), and while Larchmont seems to fit that bill (at least for shops, no idea on restaurants yet), I'm not sure of other areas I should be looking.


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  1. If you can afford it , there is a Transit oriented development at Hollywood and Vine a Trader Joe's just opened there and it is right a a red line stop. which can get you to DTLa in 15 min plus other exciting places for food Like Thai Town and McArthur Park.. You will also be a couple of blocks away from the Sunday Hollywood Farmer's market which is the 2nd best in Southern California. and Thursday nights there is one at Yamashiro's which is not too far from the Hollywood and Highland stop and they run a shuttle up the hill. Plus the restaurants in Hollywood have gotten much better over the last 5 years or so.

    Good Luck and Take Care

    - P.

    1. If you can afford it, try to get in the Beachwood Canyon area. Nice contrast to Brooklyn and close to lots of good things.

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        Nichols(?) Canyon is also pretty nice area.

      2. I'm going to suggest Culver City. In a year or so it'll be hooked up to the Metro Rail (it's under construction now) so you can avoid driving if you want to, and I really like the restaurants in the area.

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          I like the thought but just note, to get to Hollywood would require a trip all the way to DTLA and back out.

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            You don't need to go through DTLA for a Culver City to Hollywood commute.
            Venice Blvd to La Brea to Highland should work. I've made that commute before and it's not too, too bad. That was about 8 years ago though...Or Venice Blvd to Hauser to Wilshire to La Brea or Highland

            With that said, I would stick to looking for housing in Hollywood. There are enough restaurants in the area around Hollywood and Vine that you could walk to. There is accessible public transportation and has a great farmer's market. Hollywood is definitely an area that I would not try to commute in and out of if I did not have to.

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              Sorry, I meant to note that to do it on the Train would require a trip downtown. since at this time there is no north south alignment under construction on the westside yet though some are under consideration

        2. There's another similar question here:

          Though be warned, I think the net result from the above linked thread is the chowhounders will recommend every single neighborhood in Los Angeles.

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            i think the only place that didn't get recommended was the west valley.
            now that i've said that, i'm sure someone will chime in for that place too, and maintaining that it only takes a couple of minutes to get from there to any other place. . . (the ultimate delusion).

          2. General Advice for Moving from NY to LA: "Don't Hate!"

            What I mean is don't try to draw to many comparison's. NY is a profoundly accessible city. Generally speaking you can walk by a place look in the window and decide if it is for you or not. LA is a land of mystery and it takes time and patience to unwrap what it has to offer.

            Given what you've said you might want to look around Los Feliz. Hollywood and even parts of W. Hollywood can be crime-ridden and busy. You may even want to check out Silver Lake but the most desirable areas there tend to be further away from Hollywood and actually further away from even Silver Lake's main shopping district.

            Can you give us an idea of what kind of housing and food experiences you are looking for (eg. high-end dining vs. amazing hole in the walls)?

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              My dad is from Brooklyn, so went to NYC tons as a kid and have gone back as an adult. New York is WAY fun. Accessible. But so is LA - just in different ways.

              West Hollywood is great - but kind of processed and very pricey. LOVE los feliz and Silverlake - they still have a bit of an edge but tons of great places to eat and drink and not that far from the red line.

              Good luck and may you find a great place!