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Lychee sightings - 2010

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Well its that time of the year. We've had a cold winter for that helped with flower production, but we didn't have that much spring rain, so about 40% of the pinnacle on my trees, dried up and turned brown. Lycheesonline has Mauritius for $8/lb, so you can probably find them and Hak Yip for about $5/lb from a side of the road vendor.

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  1. my neighbor has a tree which she lets us at when the time is right, it's not as well stocked as last year and the birds are reducing the fruit by the day.

    The mango tree hanging over my yard is looking good, hopefully the squirrels and birds will leave some for me.

    1. I suggest coming to the Redland Summer Fruit Festival - the vendors usually have some great stuff

      1. Bedner's Farmer's Market - 441 north of Atlantic Ave, (south of Boynton Beach Blvd) had them fresh - 3 for $1.

        1. Just got back from Foodtown in Davie - they had a ton of them for $2.99/lb.

          1. Lucky's Oriental Mart on Bird Rd had them $5/lb

            1. Just got from Norman Bros. in south Miami for something around $5-6/lb. And they're delicious.

              1. a 10lb bag picked from the neighbors tree - heavenly

                1. First sight them on Sunset east of Red Road, but it was sour with big seeds.
                  THen bought some off another road vendor on SUnset and 97th. Both lychee and longnan for $3 each.

                  1. I also found two varieties at Robert Is Here a few weekends ago.

                    1. Oh, man, hate to make your mouth water, but our Quai May Pink (spelling?) lychee tree that we got long ago from Fairchild Tropical Garden has a decent crop of YUMMY lychees right now... mmmmmmm! :-)

                      1. I also saw a few signs along Griffin today, west of the Turnpike.

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                          Speaking of...

                          Loxahatchee tropical fruit growers stung by depressed prices


                        2. There was a guy on, of all places, SW 32nd Ave just north of US 1 selling just lychees when I drove past one day last week.

                          1. This thread just goes to show one of the big issues MIA/So Florida has in regards to local produce. There's supply, there's demand, but the distribution system, especially to get it to city dwellers, is horrible.

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                              Whole Foods should have some grown by Mario Yanez, according to Redland Rambles (http://redlandrambles.com/2010/07/20/...). I bought a 5-lb bag from Mario last week and his lychees are delicious!

                            2. Not lychees, but longans - fresh organic longans for sale in a Jamaican restaurant-cum-market (Jamaica Kitchen) at Sunset & Galloway Rd at $4 for a 2-lb bag, if I recall correctly.

                              1. I purchased today lychees at Doris' Italian Market
                                They were $3.59 a lb.
                                The lychees were small but sweet

                                1. I saw lots of lychees on Red Road/Old Cutler in the Gables a few weeks ago.

                                  I did spot fresh lobster on Red Road last weekend. A bunch of kids were selling out of an SUV.