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Jun 2, 2010 10:24 PM

Lychee sightings - 2010

Well its that time of the year. We've had a cold winter for that helped with flower production, but we didn't have that much spring rain, so about 40% of the pinnacle on my trees, dried up and turned brown. Lycheesonline has Mauritius for $8/lb, so you can probably find them and Hak Yip for about $5/lb from a side of the road vendor.

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  1. my neighbor has a tree which she lets us at when the time is right, it's not as well stocked as last year and the birds are reducing the fruit by the day.

    The mango tree hanging over my yard is looking good, hopefully the squirrels and birds will leave some for me.

    1. I suggest coming to the Redland Summer Fruit Festival - the vendors usually have some great stuff

      1. Bedner's Farmer's Market - 441 north of Atlantic Ave, (south of Boynton Beach Blvd) had them fresh - 3 for $1.

        1. Just got back from Foodtown in Davie - they had a ton of them for $2.99/lb.

          1. Lucky's Oriental Mart on Bird Rd had them $5/lb