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Jun 2, 2010 10:18 PM

14 days trip to Kyoto and Tokyo hoping can get some great budget suggestions

Hi all..
I'll be travelling to Japan during the last 2 weeks of June.. just wondering if you guys can suggest any good budget food in the tokyo and kyoto district.
My budget isn't that low but my friends budgets are pretty damn low..and i'm abit worried of not having alot of choices with their budget of 1k-2k yen per meal

will be staying at the matsubaya inn at kyoto and House ikebukuro at tokyo

it would suck if i went to japan for so long and not have any nice food =X

thanks guys :D

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  1. You'll get the most bang for your yen at lunch time. Many places have excellent value set menus at lunch time.

    1. hi,
      well, when i did my budget tour, i did not plan beforehand and did not have a guide so i did not have a great i suggest you plan well...
      you might already check the site but here is something you may like. they can speak english so it might helpful for you.