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Jun 2, 2010 10:10 PM

USA vs. England

Need some recs for good places to watch this game next Saturday. It should be a bar, preferably with good food, and a setting that makes us feel like we're part of the game (ie and Irish or English bar). The most important aspect must be the TV set up.
Right now we're leaning towards The Dubliner on 40th st & Thunderbird.

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  1. I know folks who are going to George & Dragon, a Brit pub on Central. They do a lot of pub food favorites, but it's hit and miss. Sometimes great. Sometimes, some things are weak. I'm guessing part of that is due to the crowd... they want to hoist beers and nibble fried foods (fish and chips), not seek a true roast beef or traditional British lamb with veg and potato. That said, if you want to cheer England's world cup soccer matches, there might not be a better place.

    George & Dragon Restaurant
    4230 S 48th St, Phoenix, AZ 85040

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      Here are a few more suggestions:

      Auld Dubliner on Northern and the 101

      O'Donoghues on Hayden and Thompson Peak

      The Skyeptical Chemist on Pima and the 101

      Temple Sports Bar on Thompson Peak and Bell (Great TV's and great patio w/ lots of flat screens!

      Auld Dubliner
      9780 W Northern Ave, Peoria, AZ 85345

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        I'm sorry, I wasn't clear. We will be rooting AGAINST England and FOR America.

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          Still would recommend a pub, even though you'll be the enemy! You might find a more anti-English vibe at an Irish pub. Most general sports bars might have some games on, but no real following.

          The only alternative to Angle/Celtic pubs would be other International eateries of countries that are traditionally soccer mad. One that comes to mind would be the German-focused Black Forrest Mill, but it seems to have closed for renovations. While I can think of some other Euro, African and Brazilian food joints, I'm not sure if they are game watching friendly. The other obvious group would be Mexican sports bars, but Mexico fans don't like Team USA much either (for beating them of late).

      2. I've been looking for a place to watch the game also and was probably going to the Dubliner. I haven't been their in awhile nor have I ever watched soccer there so I don't know about the TV setup but I figured you can't go wrong in an irish bar. I hope there is a good group of viewing fans of the US.

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          They have a big, pull-down projection TV. It's not exactly hi-def, but it should work OK.

        2. Four Peaks! Once again, they are totally stepping up. They have a new beer to roll out today or tomorrow in honor of the World Cup and will have all the games on live. Its nice to find a place that knows how to do things right.

          1. AZ Republic listed the following as having specials for the soccer games:

            Rosie McCaffrey's
            906 E Camelback

            Tim Finnigan's
            9201 N 29th Avenue

            Arcadia Tavern
            4801 E Indian School