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Jun 2, 2010 09:00 PM

Trinidadian food in Orange County

It's 2010 and I still cannot find a decent chicken roti on the west coast! I was in Florida recently and had the pleasure of eating at Joy's in Lauderhill ( but am having trouble finding anything approaching authentic Trini food in southern Cali.

Does anyone know of a decent spot? I'm aware of a couple good Jamaican places, but it's not quite the same.

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  1. I haven't ever seen anything. The only non-Jamaican, non-Cuban Caribbean place I can think of is Eva's Caribbean Kitchen in Laguna Beach.

    1. What about Indian food? Trinidad has a majority or large plurality population of Indian descent. Joy's looks like it has meat curries with parathas.

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        Indian food isn't the same, the spices and flavor profile are very different.

        The only Trinidadian restaurant I know of is Caribbean Treehouse in Inglewood.

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          Trinidad is 4) Indian, 40% Black, and 20% Asian-Chinese, French, Syrian, White, Lebanese, Spanish, etc...
          The Black population is equal to the indian population...
          By the way there is an Trinidadian restaurant in Long Beach called CALLALOO

        2. I feel your pain. 7 years after moving here from Toronto, I have given up: there is no Trini food anywhere around here - not just in OC, but southern cali, period. Someone please prove me wrong!

          1. I’ve been trying to find Surinamese roti (i.e. with chicken/beef/lamb curry, potatoes, hard boiled egg, green beans – is that similar to Trinidadian roti?), and I came across the suggestions in this thread:

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              Oh boy! Surinamese roti! Haven't had any since I moved out of Amsterdam. Moving to LA soon, but going by what I am reading here I am afraid there won't be any proper West Indian roti- let alone Surinmese roti (best of em all!) in SoCal?

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                There is a new restaurant in Long Beach, named Callaloo.
                They serve very good roti and a variety of Caribbean foods. I go there weekly. Here is the yelp link.

                I have been trying for decades to find "zoutvlees". Any ideas?

                1. re: gfoeaman

                  "zoutvlees" ha Dutch spelling.. "salt beef" yeah that's probably going to be hard to find... its a classic Surinamese thing.

            2. Yes, I completely agree with the fact that there is no good Trini or West Indian food in SoCal. I've looked and even that Caribbean Treehouse does NOT have good roti, it doesn't even taste real.. anything opens up, I would love to know

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                I went to Callaloo over the weekend because I couldn't wait any longer for a roti! I had doubles, goat roti and curry mango. So much food, we had to take home half. The food is wonderful and the owner was pleasant and easy going. They even have live music--soca, steel pan, etc.--over the weekends, usually at night. I am definitely going back!