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Jun 2, 2010 06:43 PM

Where to buy cast iron Lodge 'Hibachi' in Portland?

I'm looking for the cast iron Lodge brand Sportsman's Grill in Portland. Has anyone seen them around? Lodge doesn't seem to have a dealer directory, and it's a slightly hard-to-find item. Has anyone seen them in stock anywhere? I want to be ready to pounce once this rain lets up.

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  1. Target (try the website too) and both have them, as does eBay...but shipping costs would suck bigtime.

    Do It Best and Ace Hardware both have them on their websites, perhaps they have them in their stores, there are both in SE, a Do It Best on SE Division and an Ace on SE Hawthorne. Hey online you can find free shipping store to store with Do It Best, so you won't have to pay shipping...

    Google works:

    1. Fred Meyer in Beaverton (158th x SW Walker) carries Lodge products in the kitchen tool section. I cannot remember in they had "Hibachi Iron Sportsman's Grill", but they have a fairly good selection (better than Bed Bath & Beyond, IMO). Call your nearest Freddy and check if they have the item you are looking for :)

      1. Thanks guys! Fred Meyer doesn't stock this one, & I was hoping to be able to buy it in person rather than online. When I find it, I'll let everyone know where!