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Tiredof Eating out? [moved from General Chowhounding board]

I love food, and I love going out to eat. It is a thrill to find a new restaurant, and tell friends about it. Lately, though, I am tired of going out, I don't find anything really special, and a lot of places are very expensive and in my view not worth it. I don't know if it is the times or just me, additionally, all I see old places closing and new ones opening but not for long. Anybody else feel the same way.

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  1. I don't eat out that much, so no- I don't get tired of it.

    Unless I'm on vacation- DH feels the need to go out for three meals a day. I'd just as soon get one big gut bomb meal and a snack, or two well-spaced small ones. Three meals a day out gets very boring very quickly, since we can't afford the really high end places thrice a day.

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      We don't go out for three meals and get's expensive. I just feel I have been disappointed at so many places lately, and nothing exciting. It almost seems like a waste of money.

    2. i eat out at least 6 times a week.
      i'm not at all tired of it.
      in fact, i'd love to eat out EVERY meal.
      i have about ten restaurants on my regular rotation.
      if i had the money, i'd add 4 more. . .

      1. We eat out every week or two. At present, it's almost always somewhere new. At that rate our list list extends into next year. It means we're getting a mix of high end and more affordable places. A mix of cuisines and styles. So it's generally fun and remains an "event" in our lives.

        I wouldnt really want to eat out more often than this as I feel, like the OP, that I'd get bored very quickly.

        1. It's all relative. If you were condemned to eating my home cooking every day you might reconsider.

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            LOL, I had a 5 year stretch of every meal out (don't eat b'fast, but lunch and dinner) and I got REALLY tired of it. Any home-cooked meal was a treat.

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              Right there with you! As someone whose kitchen skills are pretty much confined to tossing pasta with some olive oil, eating out never -- well, rarely -- gets old! Since I'm frequently on the road, it's just as well.

            2. Thank you for your replies. I happen to be a good cook and baker, but my husband was disabled five years ago, and it seems like we just eat out alot, and nothing really excites me anymore. Once in awhile something really good comes around, but I am just bored. We will drive almost anywhere, so it isn't like just in our back yard

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                Please don't take this the wrong way, but my first thought on reading your original post was, "This person sounds like (s)he may be depressed." And then reading about your husband - I feel for you, and wonder if you've considered counseling.

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                  Thanks for you concern, I am well thank you, I just find that a lot of the restaurants aren't living up to the hype.

              2. I definitely get tired of it. We like going out for lunch and do that once, maybe twice a week. When we're on vacation though, we always get to the point where at LEAST one night in each country I'd rather just stay in the room and either order up room service, or pick something up during the day and bring it back to the room.

                1. I agree. I find that most restaurants serve the usual suspects and unless it is really high end, preparation is standard and not exciting. There is also a tendency here to serve far too much food such that I need to eat only half to even attempt to stay healthy. I'm a good home cook and find it annoying to pay money for something i can make better at home. I do like eating at restaurants that serve food that i can't make. (diffferent ethnic cuisines, things that take a long time etc). That said, it is such a treat to find good honest food served in a small place by people who take pride in their craft. That keeps me chowhounding.

                  1. No, I don't tire of it. And mostly b/c I *hate* clean up.

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                      Yeah. When I cook I sometimes have three burners going at the same time and that means a pot or skillet to clean that's over each one of them. Then there's the plates, bowls, platters, silverware, glassware, etc.

                      Eating out can be quite comforting in this respect and I can get VERY used to it. Now becoming bored with average-tasting meals that's another story. Be reminded that part of the fun in dining out is in the hunt.

                    2. We go through periods when we eat out a lot and I get tired of it over time. Then it's time to cook again until I feel a want to go out again. Just changing gears for a while is helpful.

                      1. I get sick of it, but I also get tired of cooking and especially cleaning the kitchen before and after. Sometimes I just want to go buy some hummus and veggies and be done with it already. I think I'm just stressed out.

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                          I think this in large part depends on where you live. We live in San Francisco, and there are an endless number of restaurants (both high and low end, all types of ethnic cuisines, food trucks, etc). I couldn't fathom getting bored with the selection. I could certainly understand getting bored, though, if you live in a town with much more limited selection, and/or were limited due to budget constraints. Now, despite all of the choices at our disposal, I do cook 4-5 nights a week, and eat lunch at home about 1/2 the time. I like cooking, there are great, fresh ingredients available, and I realize that eating out is generally less healthy/cost-effective than eating at home.

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                            Agree with jdinsf... although living in NYC I find I still get sick of eating out too much but mostly b/c I'm lazy + there's only so far I will go on weeknights.

                            While we were remodeling our apt, we were forced to eat out every dinner for about 2 mos. I got really sick of it. I thought a lot about why and for me, it came down to: (1) portions: for sit-down places, there's pressure to order appetizers, drinks, desserts etc. I usually just ordered an entree & a drink, but even then it just felt like too much food and (2) sometimes you crave something extremely simple and this tends to be hard to get at restaurants

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                              I hear you on the portion size. I eat most of my meals at home and prefer it that way. When I'm traveling I generally eat out every meal. After a few days, I end up feeling terrible from the portion size, excess amounts of salt, fat. If I did have to eat out all the time for some reason (kitchen remodeling, having a job where you're on the road all the time), I'd probably be one of the patrons waitstaff hate as I'd be ordering just an appetizer or salad as a meal.

                            2. re: jdinsf

                              In reply to jdinsf: True enough. When I lived in SF, I loved going out to eat. Interestingly, even in a town with so many places, I often ate at my regular spots, several of which were within walking distance of my house. But whether a regular place or a new spot, I almost never got bored. (hubby, otoh, dislikes restaurants, so I don't think he loved it as much. but that's another story).

                              Now, I've moved to Merced, a town in the Central Valley with many redeaming, lovely qualities, but where the quality, diversity and quantity of restaurants is not encouraging, and where there are no restaurants within a mile or so (ie fairly easy walking distance) of my house. To make matters worse, the only place to eat within walking distance of my office (for lunch) is literally a college cafeteria...

                              There are a few good places, but somehow, since I have to drive to get to them, and it is just a few, I do find eating out to be more boring and much less appealing...

                              So, I go out to eat much less often now. Indeed, I tend to do most of my eating out when I go out ot town, such as back to SF :-)

                              This has been great for my budget, and fortunately one can easily get lovely ingredients here in Merced. And hubby is becoming a pretty good cook!

                              Still, I miss walking down to my favorite spots, knowing I will be welcomed and that I will have a great meal...

                              part of the apeal of eating out is the thrill of discovering a great new place (and since that is unlikely to happen here, perhaps that aspect has lost its draw to me), but thinking about it, perhaps part of the reason I don't get bored is that I like frequenting my regular haunts!

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                                Hey, susan, I think you are describing the "Cheers" syndrome. I too like to eat where everybody knows my name (or at least recognizes me).

                                What I get bored of is eating lunch foods in restaurants. I take my lunch pretty much every day for that reason. Dinner, OTOH, I could dine out for much more frequently without getting bored. I am of course lucky to live in Vancouver where there are plenty of reasonably priced, interesting options. But after a while I just want to cook up something at home for sure.

                                1. re: grayelf

                                  i LOVE the 'Cheers" syndrome.
                                  one of my favorite chefs affectionately calls me "mom" when i walk into his restaurant.
                                  i truly feel that everything he puts on my plate is lovingly made for me.

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                                  Its funny, but there are certainly plenty of good places to eat out where I live, but I don't go out very often either. So its not just the town; maybe its just that we're becoming more homebodies? :-) My husband, as you know, is like yours in that he doesn't want to dress up to go out and he certainly doesn't want to spend money that he doesn't have to spend. And since he's a pretty good cook, its easy for me to agree when he suggests he just cook instead of going out. And for better or worse our favorite spots in town are not an easy walk....so that ease factor is out of the equation as well. The restaurant we've been to more than any lately (and the only one in town where I can safely say we're recognized and treated as "regulars") is a Mexican place near my office. Its not even on the regular chowhound haunts, but the food is good and the service friendly and since DH likes to hit the flea market nearby on Saturday mornings lunch together there makes a nice break for me when I work Saturdays....

                                  The other factor is that both DH and I travel frequently for work, and we eat out a lot when traveling.....so when we're both home we want to eat at home....

                            3. Because of various personal factors, I am eating out a lot and finding it a bit boring. When it is a once a week thing, it's interesting, but most of my waking meals have been from various restaturants and I am getting tired of it.

                              1. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate seeing everyone's replies. I just know I got tired of going out, alot were to the same places. We are now also trying to cut down on spending money.

                                1. I tend to go through cycles of eating out a lot followed by long stretches of staying home to eat. There are various reasons for it including the economy, I get tired of going to the same restaurants (restaurant selection in the suburbs sucks compared to living in Manhattan), my palate starts to go into overload because I feel restaurant food is too salty or overseasoned and also sometimes, I just want to sit in my PJs and eat some simple pasta while watching TV.

                                  My husband and I are both foodies and we also like to cook so staying in is a great way for us to spend time together. Right now we are definitely in a staying at home mode, partly because it's summer and BBQ season so we're doing a lot of grilling and it's also means I am finally going through all the stuff in my freezer and using it all up.

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                                    I understand that one, I am trying to use up all the stuff I have in my freezer too.

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                                      Agreed, food from restaurants can be

                                      - too salty
                                      - too overseasoned
                                      - too oily
                                      - made with cheap ingredients (had a veggie chow mein recently which was 90% cabbage)

                                      Sometimes you win the lottery and get all four in one meal. And eating out more increases your chance of winning the lottery.

                                    2. I am fortunate enough to live in the Seattle area where we have a plethora of ethnic restaurants. As an avid Chowhound, I often order menu items most people never try.
                                      i.e. Spicy pork intestine, menudo, fried shrimp heads, Korean dishes, lingue tacos, etc. These are often terrific dishes with unique flavors. The other benefit I have found is that truly authentic ethnic restaurants don't buy their staples from pre-fabricated suppliers like Sysco and Food Services of America which have ruined most mid-scale restaurants in the U.S. I think most people weary of eating out are actually just weary of "pre-fab" restaurant food that is just dull glop.

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                                        Yep, "dull glop" would describe a lot of the food around here. Lots of boring chain restaurants and poor quality ethnic places. I love to cook, so why would I waste my money, time and calories on bad food when what I make is so interesting? When we have time, we will happily trek the 20 miles into Boston to try a new restaurant, but out here in the 'burbs, only 1 in 4/5 restaurants is really worth trying.