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Jun 2, 2010 06:35 PM

Suggestions for Sweet Sixteen in Lower Bucks or Northeast Philly?

My niece is turning 16 and wants a party but her parents (understandably) don't want to spend gobs of money on one. They also live in Bensalem, as do most of the family and friends, and would prefer to hold the party somewhere that isn't more than a 20-minute drive away.

Any suggestions for restaurants with private rooms (for about 40) that allow for dancing and have decent (I'm not hoping for great) food at a reasonable price ($30 or under per person without tax/tip/beverages -- lunch or dinner is OK)? I live in NYC so I can't offer too many recommendations based on whose food I've personally tasted, but I've so far told her to look at Viva in Feasterville, Piccolo Trattoria (the only one I've actually tried myself) and Joseph's Grille in Langhorne, and the Yardley Inn.

The only cuisine I think she'd definitely veto is Indian, though she's not too crazy about Chinese either (our family is Chinese and I think she gets tired of the food). Mexican would be a HUGE bonus but I'm not expecting too much in that vein!

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  1. How about upstairs at Moonstruck in NE Philly?

    1. Looking for a very traditional place that specializes in catering parties in Bensalem, then try Fisher's Tudor House? Good food. Been to a few parties there as well as wedding receptions. Killer dessert table- it's like 4 tables of house made desserts and a giant icecream Sundae. Guests will never forget it!
      Spring Mill Manor in Ivyland is also really nice, good food, reasonable.
      The Brick Hotel Newtown- so nice, very good food, elegant
      Patagonia Restaurant in Richboro, PA
      And if you want a hugely fun good time with something really unusual, try Casablanca Moroccan Restaurant in Warrington (Route 611). Great food, no too expensive, friendly staff, live entertainment- belly dancers! And it would be so different from anything else.

      Casablanca Moroccan Restaurant
      4010 N Dupont Hwy, New Castle, DE 19720

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        I have no idea why Casablanca in Wilmington is being attached to my reply to your request, but I'm talking about the one on Route 611 in Warrington.