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Jun 2, 2010 05:01 PM

Best REAL Al Pastor (vertical spit only!) in Orange County, CA?????

The only place I know of that even has it is Tapatia in Santa Ana. Good; but, wondering if there are any others or better?

Thanks :D

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  1. Taqueria Mexico in Orange (Glassell and Katella) has a vertical spit. Never tried their Al Pastor, but the tacos are decent (and cheap), they're open 24 hours and cash only.

    1. Also in Orange just a couple of blocks N. from T. Mexico where Glassell forks into Orange-Olive, and very very good, Taqueria Guadalupana has the vertical spit.

      (Would be a simple matter to hit both, seems like.)

      Longer T. Guadalupana writeup:

      Taqueria Guadalupana
      1997 N Orange Olive Rd, Orange, CA 92865

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      1. re: Allmodcons

        Went to Taqueria Guadalupana tonight. For a Friday at 6:00 pm it was empty - in fact we were the only ones there.
        I ordered 2 al pastor tacos, beans and a horchacia drink. The wife had 1 taco, rice and the same drink.
        The verdict: the al pastor was previously cooked , chopped and in the steam tray. It lacked any taste of pork or marinate. It was dried out. The corn taco was good. The red beans were straight out of the can. The horchacia was waterly, before the ice was added. The pickeled carrots were in a plain vineagar with some chilies.
        If this was 10:00 an night just before closing, I could understand. But at dinner time on a Friday night ...?
        I do not know if this was representative or just an off night but once is enough for this place. BTW tacos were $1.10 plus tax!

        1. re: subal

          Gosh, that sounds terrible!

          Never seen anything remotely like that there, but then my visits have always been midday or a.m. It's not a nighttime shopping center, that is true.

          I love their escabeche... vinegar/chile is the dominant flavor profile of escabeche. "Red beans" doesn't sound right, though... always traditional pintos, in my experience.

          What is a "corn taco"?

          I realize any price is too high for something one doesn't like, but, $1.10 is expensive?

      2. El Farolito Jr. on East and the 91 in Anaheim; Taqueria Sancho on East and Vermont in Anaheim often has a trompo set up outside.

        El Farolito Jr
        1339 N East St, Anaheim, CA 92805

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        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          Went to El Farolita Jr. last night.
          Three of us had the al pastor and one had the carnitas. The pastor is not listed on the menu, but is available on request. I had a plate of meat and beans, the other two had the pastor tacos. My meat was exceptionally good; spices were just right, no gristle and the meat was moist. Beans were average. The taco plates were well received, one of the girls is Mexican and goes south once a month as part of a medical team and has access a lot of local food. She proclaimed the al pastor to be "some of the best"!
          A large condiment service was available and also a taco counter serving the small singles for take out.
          Although the place was crowded for the soccer games, the service was prompt.
          Our bill for 4 dinners, 4 beers and 2 large horchatas was $44 and change.
          If you want al pastor, this is the place - heads above Taqueria Guadalupana reported on previously.
          NB: Allmodcons; time for more sarcasm?

          1. re: subal

            Subal, I wasn't being sarcastic... I felt terrible that you had a bad experience at TG. I guess I shouldn't have mentioned it.

            I'm glad you found a place you like!

        2. Question for the experts, is true al pastor on a spit? My local Mexican markets (Vallarta) sells al pastor in bulk that you just cook up in a pan.

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          1. re: granadafan

            Ok...thanks for the tips chowhounds :) ...I'll check out El Faralito soon (I remember that name from years back too when I asked a similar Q).

            Another note: I recently went to a place in SD called La Fachada. I wasn't expecting anything since I was taken there by an old friend after a night of drinking. I never expect much from friends, as they always disappoint. And, I wasn't too picky, as this was weekend late night eats.

   my surprise, the was single handedly THE BEST mexican place I have ever been to. I have lived in OC, SD, LA, NYC, SF. This is #1. Why? First off, I am a carne asada hater! Never liked it as all it was was tough bland meat and never grilled (only had it grilled a few times in places in SF, but even then, so-so). Now this La Fachada... OMG! THey charcoal the the friggin asada! The Pastor was spit cooked too. The carnitas were moist and surface was crisp. This was the first place I did not have a "favorite" meat (which is usually al pastor, or carnitas if vert spit pastor wasn't available). The corn taco tortillas, very different than the other hand made ones I have had. I little bit thicker and moister and cornier. They also offered mulitas, never seen them before here, I will get them next time.

            ...soooo, the question is... is there a better place that La Fachada in OC? If not OC, what about LA or even it's own city, SD??

            I really doubt it. I would be surprised.

            La Fachada. Never expected to come across this gold mine!