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Dogfish Head beer in Dallas area?

Hi guys,

I've been looking for anywhere in the area that sells a good selection of Dogfish Head beers (not the regular ones you find at most stores. Like the larger bottles of seasonal varieties) Anyone know of any good stores in the area that have a good stock of them?

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  1. How far are you willing to drive? Within Dallas your best bet is the Sigel's on Greenville near Lovers Lane.Don't bother with Whole Foods and Central Market, I strongly doubt they'll have what you seek.

    Lone Star Beverage in Carrollton will have the best selection. Ask for Rick if you are looking for something in particular. He's very good about getting the latest seasonal releases before anyone else. Last time I talked to him, he mentioned Black and Blue should be here soon.

    The Majestic in Addison is second only to Lone Star. Otherwise, in Plano you have Mr Gs and S&K.

    1. Try either Mr. G's in Plano or S&K also in Plano. I prefer Mr. G's over S&K just for the fact that they stock more foreign beers....I prefer Belgians (saison or sours) myself.



      1. Majestic on Inwood in Addison and most Wholefoods stock Dogfish Head. I buy it all the time because its pretty much the only brew I really enjoy. But remember, many of their brews are very seasonable. Some being available only 1-2 months a year! They're also available on tap at Eno's in the Cliff and, The Meddlesome Moth.

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            Whole Foods on Lomo Alto or NW hywy has seasonal dogfish. they do a great job with beer.

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              Thanks for the links, 'Hounder. We can always depend on you.

            2. Looks like Saturday you may want to head to the Flying Saucer on Lake Ray Hubbard out in Garland for their Spring Beer Festival. Seems like they'll have a cask conditioned Dogfish Head.


              1. Mr G's Beverage & Deli at the corner of 15th St and Coit in Plano has the best selection - everything that is available in North Texas - plus good prices. Kegs, too, with advance order.
                It seems as though the local distributors, and sometime the breweries, as well, are frequently out of stock of limited production microbrews.

                1. Anyone found Theobromo brewed by Dog Fish Head in the Dallas area?

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                    Pretty sure you can't get Theobroma in Texas, unfortunately.

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                      That's what I was afraid of.

                      Any idea why?

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                        First off excuse the long post as TABC discussion usually has a tendency to get a Texan beer fan real riled up. I hope this clears up a few misconceptions.

                        I can't answer with regards to this specific beer but I can give some broad insight on why. Distribution is a complicated matter to understand because of the regulations and even though the brewery is from out of state, coming into Texas means TABC's prohibition-esque rules are fair game. In a nutshell, the core of the issue is TABC's labelling rules, which is why you'll often hear "couldn't pass the label" as the reason for a beer not being distributed here.

                        Obviously we don't get the full DFH lineup of beers, and Theobroma is indeed one of the smaller releases. On top of the limited quantity, the label still has to pass regulation. First off you have the nomenclature of ale vs lager as discussed here by one of several Austin-based start-up brewers: http://jesterkingbrewery.com/tabc-app...

                        So for each beer a brewery wants to put on the shelf, they must pay a label fee, and on top of that, an out of state brewery has to renew their nonresident manufacturer's license every two years. DFH is a prime example of a small out of state brewery producing a small batch of beer that has to think about TABC's regulation, in a market where they aren't even sure how quick it will turn over, how much shelf space will they have, if they can handle the demand, etc. It isn't an easy decision.

                        Even if the label does pass, there's no guarantee distributors (namely the big ones who are owned by Bud/Miller/Coors) will bring it over here due to the nature they do business. However, some big shots do provide the means for the craft breweries to hit the market. Ben E Keith is a common name thrown around by beer nerds, and that is because we have them to thank for working with craft brewers, resulting in access to the new beers we get in shelves today. They dumped exclusivity with A-B, acquired CR Goodman in 2008 (who was at the time, the major player in craft beer distrubution in Texas), and have expanded micro offerings since it is a growing market (as opposed to the flat macro trend).
                        This is a good article that sums up the impact of the buyout:

                        I would argue against someone saying the distribution in Texas sucks, but would not deny there is still room for improvement. The 1-2 punch of the Ben E Keith pull and the craft breweries push into our state has really sent progress forward over the past few years. If you asked me 4 years ago about some of the breweries we get today, I'd have called you crazy and said there's no way we'd get some of the names today like Ska, Great Divide, Deschutes, Stone (we have almost their entire lineup), etc. Stores get new beers all the time and the feeling of seeing something new on the shelf is quite similar to one I got as a kid opening presents on Christmas day.

                        If you're genuinely interested in learning more about this topic, the recently released documentary Beer Wars is a good starting point as it goes through the challenges faced by a craft brewer (Sam Calagione of DFH has plenty of screen time), how things got to the way they are, and why the three tier system of distribution is (IMO) outdated and horribly flawed. There's certainly plenty of material out there to read.

                        Lastly... Rick got some DFH Squall IPA in stock last week. Better grab that fast.

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                          Made a beer run today and picked up the Squall and the new (to us) Brooklyn Sorachi Ace, a Belgian farmhouse style ale with the Japanese developed sorachi hop that has a zesty lemongrass note, not just pure bitter. Anyway, Rick mentioned the second location of Lone Star Beverage will be opening soon. The new one will be on the south west corner of Trinity Mills and Marsh in the same strip as Seabose.

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                              Most interesting informative to read and know!

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                                  Still, it was interesting. I've been it TX all of my "of age" life and have just accepted the quizzical laws governing distribution and selling of alcohol - will have to read through these new links. Thanks.

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                                    Right on, just wanted to keep you up to date.

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                          The Central Market in Austin had a stock of Theobroma earlier this month.

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                            Whole Food's (Lomo Alto) still has a small stock of Theobroma. What I didn't buy. Heh, heh.

                        3. Snagged four large bottles of my favorite DFH, "Red & White" last week at Majestic.

                          1. Anyone know where some Red and White is available in Dallas?

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                              When it's in season, it's easy to get, but it's no longer in season. You'll have to call a couple places.

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                                And hey, just saw a few bottles at the Majestic in Addison.

                              2. you can find black & blue in lake view liquor dallas,tx 75218 214-321-1216 they have dozens of specialty beers