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Jun 2, 2010 04:00 PM

Dogfish Head beer in Dallas area?

Hi guys,

I've been looking for anywhere in the area that sells a good selection of Dogfish Head beers (not the regular ones you find at most stores. Like the larger bottles of seasonal varieties) Anyone know of any good stores in the area that have a good stock of them?

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  1. How far are you willing to drive? Within Dallas your best bet is the Sigel's on Greenville near Lovers Lane.Don't bother with Whole Foods and Central Market, I strongly doubt they'll have what you seek.

    Lone Star Beverage in Carrollton will have the best selection. Ask for Rick if you are looking for something in particular. He's very good about getting the latest seasonal releases before anyone else. Last time I talked to him, he mentioned Black and Blue should be here soon.

    The Majestic in Addison is second only to Lone Star. Otherwise, in Plano you have Mr Gs and S&K.

    1. Try either Mr. G's in Plano or S&K also in Plano. I prefer Mr. G's over S&K just for the fact that they stock more foreign beers....I prefer Belgians (saison or sours) myself.

      1. Majestic on Inwood in Addison and most Wholefoods stock Dogfish Head. I buy it all the time because its pretty much the only brew I really enjoy. But remember, many of their brews are very seasonable. Some being available only 1-2 months a year! They're also available on tap at Eno's in the Cliff and, The Meddlesome Moth.

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            Whole Foods on Lomo Alto or NW hywy has seasonal dogfish. they do a great job with beer.

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              Thanks for the links, 'Hounder. We can always depend on you.