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Jun 2, 2010 03:31 PM

dress code


could we wear shorts at lunchtime for restaurants like August and NOLA????

  1. No. You might be able to get away with it at NOLA as this is a more casual and touristy place, but personally I would not wear shorts.

    1. definitely not august. I'd probably wear a jacket there, even at lunch. I wouldn't wear shorts to nola either, but there will be tourists in there wearing bourbon street t-shirts so...

      1. Speaking of this, I was just reading NOLA Trip Advisor today and the dress code question was asked and one response from someone in LA said that the dress code went out after Katrina and there is no dress code anymore except for Galatoire's and Commander's. My dress is always business casual anyway but I am curious if people would be turned away? I remember the NY Board told everyone that you had to dress for Eleven Madison Park and we did. When we went, 1/2 the restaurant was dressed in shorts & flip flops!

        Galatoire's Restaurant
        209 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70130

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          Well, a mandatory dress code might have, but personal sensibilities should not have. It is all about one's self-esteem and their social responsibilities to fellow diners.

          As others have said, there might be diners with Bourbon St. t-shirts, but should everyone don one?

          Heck, I always wore my tux for opening night at the Denver Opera, just as I did in New Orleans, though some thought that appropriate attire was clean rag-wool socks, Birkenstocks and cargo shorts. One should take pride in themselves, rather than try to "get by." Going back some decades, an adviser share with me, "First Class only costs 10% more. You need to try it." Why not go "first class?"

          BTW - how did you feel about dining next to flip-flops? Was that a positive experience for you? Just because some have no class, does not mean that all should have no class.


          I see that CH has not fixed the Edit capability, though I have complained about it for over 9 mos. Now I see why I don't come here much any more. Just a bad site design. Ignore about 80% of this post, as it is repeated. Maybe CH could fix this, rather than run herd on posters with info to share to the masses!

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. We're going to ask everyone to rein in your personal opinions of dress codes and help this poster determine whether or not New Orleans restaurants will allow dining in shorts at lunchtime.

            While it's fine to make a quick inquiry about the dress code at a specific place on a local board, general discussion of dress codes -- including whether people just don't dress up anymore, whether they should be enforced, whether they have an effect on other diner's experiences, etc. -- are all off-topic for our regional boards.

            If you have specific information about the dress code that the original poster is asking about, please go ahead and post it, but general comments on dress codes tend to spawn long, off-topic sub-threads that distract from the mission of our local boards.