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Jun 2, 2010 02:30 PM

Need a birthday cake shaped like a basketball -westside

looking for a bakery on the westside that can bake a birthday cake in the shape of a basketball.

Need by next Tuesday..thanks so much.

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  1. and won't cost me an arm and a leg...

    for 25 kids and 10 adults

    I love Rose Bud's cakes, but don't want to spend that kind of cash.

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    1. re: coco puff

      Call Susiecakes. I am sure they can do a basketball cake.

      1. re: maudies5

        but susiecakes will cost an arm and a leg...considering their cupcakes run @ $4ea. ;)

    2. You could try Viktor Benes. Their website's custom cake photos show a groom's basketball cake < >.

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      1. re: Jwsel

        that cake looks awesome! thanks sooo nephew will be very happy

        1. re: Jwsel

          I just called VB"s...that cake is $8/slice

          1. re: coco puff

            Did you try Angel Maid yet? They do custom cakes as well, but I don't know the prices.

            1. re: bulavinaka

              Does the cake have to be basketball shaped? Perhaps, a regular sheet cake with a basketball theme decoration? I do know that SusieCakes has some very talented cake decorators. Now, that the Celics and Lakers are in the Finals, I suspect that a basketball-themed cake would be a lot of fun.

            2. re: coco puff

              Wow. I didn't expect it to be so high. Their regular cakes tend to be more reasonably priced than a lot of other bakeries. I doubt any of the other bakeries I can think of -- Hansen's, SusieCakes, Sweet Lady Jane, etc. -- are going to be much cheaper. Custom cakes are very expensive.

              Have you considered an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins? They have a soccer cake (it's not ball-shaped, but a regular cake, with the top designed like a soccer ball), so I suspect they could do a basketball-themed cake for less than many of the bakeries.

              A google search turned up this woman who does custom cakes -- . I cannot speak to the price or quality.

          2. its not westside..but Portos has all kinds of speciality cakes at decent prices..

            1. If all you need is a standard round cake with orange-colored frosting and appropriate basketball lines, I imagine almost any bakery should be able to do that for you upon request. It strikes me as far simpler than the many elaborate, relatively inexpensive Disney designs they all seem to offer in their cake order books.

              If you must have a full-on round globe of a cake, though ... well, good luck trying to find that at a low price point.

              1. An affordable, quick to deliver option is Baskin Robbins. They do custom ice cream cakes and are on the westside also.

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                1. re: apple7blue

                  Try Carvel on Santa Monica and Sepulveda, they make Ice cream cakes and may make custom cakes. Otherwise, Cake and Art on Santa Monica (expensive) or another great cake bakery is The Cake Place on Barry Ave near Barrington and Olympic