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Jun 2, 2010 02:00 PM

Where oh Where oh Where can I find Scallion Pancakes

Anyone know where I can find authentic scallion pancakes? We used to live in San Francisco and in my three years here in MSP, I have yet to find them so I'm back on the hunt!


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  1. Tea House II in St. Paul.

    They call it a Shanghai pancake. (scroll to page 6 for photo)


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    1. re: The Dairy Queen

      There is a place in Eden Prairie off old Shakopee road that has them as well. Your best bet is Tea House in Saint Paul.

      1. re: Latinpig

        Grand Shainghai in Eden Prairie. You have to ask for it.

        1. re: Latinpig

          I was very excited to hear of scallion pancakes in Eden Prairie. We moved here from out east two years ago and my son is still asking when will we find them here. But I googled "Old Shanghai in Eden Prairie" and all I get is a restaurant by that name in St. Paul. Help anyone?

          1. re: BPfahnl

            Sorry, I got the name wrong. It is on the corner of France and Old Shakopee road. It may be Bloomington at that point but it is call Grand Szechuan and it has scallion pancakes. Enjoy.

      2. Ditto Tea House in St. Paul off 94 and White Bear Ave - not sure if the newly opened Tea House on University Ave in Dinkytown serves them.

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        1. re: spahkee

          I was just at the new Tea House on University Ave and they were on the menu as a new item. They have also added juicy dumplings to the menu.

          1. re: mnsnow

            Thanks for the update on the Tea House menu! I know where I'm going this weekend!