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Jun 2, 2010 11:04 AM

KFC in Kerrville

Got of work at 9P and, as some of you know, in K'ville, eating at that time of night is slim pickins'. Went to KFC because it was on the way. Got 2 legs and some mashed potatoes. Folks, this was some of the worst and sorriest excuse for food I have ever had in my life and I am an old man. Now, some of you, if not all, are thinking wth did you expect. But this bad beyond any expectations. It should be unlawful to sell such bad stuff. I remember years and years ago after H. Sanders sold his company he was on TV and commented on how finger lickin' bad some of the KFC was at that time. Wow!

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  1. kfc in Kerrville, in my opionion, is the worse I've ever had. They don't even have the
    advertized on tv specials. A worker told me that the ads are from "corporate" and that
    individual franchises didn't have to honor them. That, besides the grilled chicken being
    totally withour flavor will stop me from every going back. Church's will have to be my go-to
    to-go chicken from now on. It's not great nor is it for anyone looking for healthful, but it is
    soooo much better than KFC.. I haven't tried the "wings" place yet. Has anyone?

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      Thank you for responding to my ridiiculous fast food review. I have tried Wings and found them so disgusting I quit eating my order. As per usual, in these types of food( using the word loosely) vendors the sauces have a strong, rank and overly seasoned chemical flavor. i went one time.Don't have the guts to go again. Have you tried the f. chicken at places like Brown's or Classic. I personally think the Albertsons has pretty good fried chicken although the wings were also grossly overseasoned.