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Jun 2, 2010 11:02 AM

Best kosher Food in Chicago?

My husband is going to be in Chicago tomorrow and we were wondering if anyone can recommend a great place for dinner or lunch-- but somewhere not too $$$$ please!

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  1. Manghal, in Rogers Park/Evanston is our current favorite - Israeli grill options. "In Chicago" is pretty broad and if he's downtown there's really nothing there. Nearly all options are Rogers Park (far North Side) and suburban (farther North).

    1. Metro club which is downtown and open for lunch and is really very good and a good deal. it should be on under chicago. its under the CRC and has a kosher section to the restaurant. we had the bbq short ribs and they were really great. shallots just opened in skokie, and while i have never been to manghal, i think taboon, which is also in skokie since the west rogers park location closed is better.

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        I have been to Manghal, and I think it's at least as good as Taboun. What are you basing your opinion on?

        1. re: Shmendrik

          I agree with you I think both Menghal and Taboun are excellent - Both are top of my list for sit down restaurants in Chicago -

          Back to the original poster's request - as other's have mentioned options are limited downtown - there is Metro Klub and the Chicago Loop Synagogue also brings down sandwiches for Lunch from The Sandwich Club in Skokie - The real options on in the West Rogers Park neighborhood which is about 20 minute rive from downtown or about $20 cab ride - or Skokie which is about anothe 10 minutes beyond Roger Park

          Do check out - for a good listing of options in Chicago with maps -

          1. re: Shmendrik

            I went to manghal last night and i have to say i really don't think its as good as taboun. The ambiance is actaully much nicer than taboun but the food is not as tasty and the menu is not as varied. I also don't like the fact that i can't get a sandwhich past 4pm in the restaurant which i can at taboun.

          2. re: kosherdoc

            FYI, not that it necessarily makes a difference, but MetroKlub is actually under the supervision of Midwest Kosher and not CRC. (just in case anyone was wondering).

            1. re: lenchik

              Just saw your post. Sorry for repeating the information.

            2. re: kosherdoc

              Metro Club is NOT under the CRC. it is certified by Midwest Kosher.

              1. re: chicago maven

                Sorry about the confusion by saying metro club is CRC, i usually just assume everything is CRC in this city.

                I also have to admit that i have never personally been to manghal but everyone i have talked to prefers taboun. looks like i have to give it a shot.....

                1. re: kosherdoc

                  was in chicago for candy snack expo-enjoyed food delivery from spertus and really enjoyed eating lunch at morgan harbor grill

            3. We just ate yesterday at the Manghal restaurant, which had large, tasty portions, fresh loufa bread (we saw them making it), and reasonable prices. Morgan Harbor Grill seems to have been shut down.