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Jun 2, 2010 10:18 AM

any cool spots on way to chelan from seattle? Burgers/Winery/Taco Truck?

Going over in the next couple of weekends with wife for an extended weekend. final destination is Lake Chelan and the Karma Winery. looking for some nice spots to stop and try something? anything works burgers, dives, mexican truck??? you tell me. are there any wineries that i should stop on the way over there in the vacinity?

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  1. Which route are you taking? Highway 2 or I-90?

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    1. re: ethereal

      right now dont know was thinking hwy 2 to be different but i live in maple valley so 90 is easy for me...want to make a road trip of sorts out of it.

      1. re: jlom907

        One stop should be Anjou Bakery on Hiway 2 just south of Cashmere. If you continue on Highway 2, there are many good stops in Leavenworth. If you go over Blewett Pass, we like the Liberty Cafe for down-home local food. On Hiway 2 in Peshastin there are many wineries.....and of course, Chelan is saturated with wineries. Our favorite Peshastin Winery is Icicle Ridge.

        1. re: jlom907

          I always like to make a plug for Old School BBQ. It's in the same parking lot as the Reptile Zoo near Sultan on Hwy 2, and they do very fine meat and beans AND you get to sit in an old school bus. We usually stop there or at the Sultan Bakery on our way over Steven's Pass, and then hit the Espresso Chalet in Index for coffee.

          Anjou Bakery is definitely a good rec, or stop at South in Leavenworth for amazing Oaxacan food.

          Or, if you're heading over on 90 and don't mind detouring through Ellensburg, the Valley Cafe has been a favorite of our family for something like 20 years. And don't forget milkshakes at the Winegar's drive-through.

          1. re: Freida

            Country Boys BBQ in Cashmere is also very good. And YES, South is a must stop if you go through Leavenworth.

            1. re: Jane917

              I will definitely second the recommendation of the Anjou Bakery in Cashmere. You'll pass by it whether you go I-90 or US2. Great berry pies, very good croissants and pains au chocolat. Their Wenatchee bread is a crusty, chewy bread that is great for dipping in olive oil. It's fine for sandwiches, except it has holes! Closed Tues & Wed.

              Since you mention burgers, jlom907, I'll mention a bratwurst place in Leavenworth. I don't know it's name but I can describe it. After you take the turn into downtown from the highway, you go left onto the main street. Right in the corner of that turn you see ahead of you a place with a grill facing the street. They have some fine brats there. There's another place further along with a restaurant in the basement and very mediocre brats.