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Jun 2, 2010 09:08 AM

"Bull City Street Vendor Rodeo" in Durham Sunday June 6

Hosted by OnlyBurger, but a bunch of the other mobile food vendors will be there, including the Korean taco truck BullKogi, DaisyCakes, and Parlez-Vous Crepe.

They'll be at Sam's Kwik-Stop on Erwin Road.

More details at the Only Burger site:

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  1. Sounds like a ball! I really wish I could attend. I'm researching an upcoming trip to Portland, OR, where they have gobs and gobs of food trucks. We need to support our street food scene, if we want it to grow.

      1. re: suse

        The place was a zoo,our visions of grazing from truck to truck was quickly dispelled by the reality of the lines. We were in line for over an hour for the Korean Truck, ordered and waited another hour and a half for our food. At least it was quite enjoyable, that and the company saved the day.

        1. re: chazzer

          Agreed. I got there just after 11 and was planning to go from truck to truck, but there were 30 people in every line by the time I got my Korean BBQ. I don't think most of those trucks have every been that slammed. I had a good time though. I hope this becomes a regular occurrence.

          1. re: RDUtom

            The only burger dude indicated that they will be doing this every two weeks but rotating locations.

          2. re: chazzer

            We waited an hour in the Mom's line and we were the last or next to last served. Not sure if the guy behind us got anything. The folks inside the truck said that next time, they'll be better stocked, they were blown away by the turnout.

            1. re: sisterbeer

              not sure how many people the food trucks were expecting, especially with the N&O article the week before. the facebook invite had around 500 people planning on attending. we showed up around 12:15, stayed for five minutes, and left.

              i think all the trucks are pretty slow - the indian food on wheels has one guy working, so i don't know if he got additional help yesterday. onlyburger takes time since they make your burger to order. daisycakes also is not a quick serve.

              after the madhouse yesterday, we decided it might be best to visit these trucks on an individual basis. can you imagine if this had taken place during the fall/spring semester when more students are around? wow!

              1. re: cervisiam

                I think that they need to make a few changes for the next event:

                - All the trucks need to be ready to go when it's supposed to start. We arrived at 11:10 to find only Mom's was open, and the Korean BBQ truck wasn't even parked yet, much less cooking. That led to lines before they were even open.
                - They need to have smaller menus. The Indian truck only had 1 person working the window, but since they had a smaller menu, it was faster to prepare and order. The crepe truck had 8-9 items, the Korean BBQ truck had the full menu. Perhaps they should have only done tacos, so it was easier to prepare and serve. If you like what you get, then go back to the truck at a normal time for the full menu.
                - They need more trucks. Perhaps one of the regular taco trucks, or even two of them. Sam's might not be able to handle more, but the crowd was already getting to be too much for that location yesterday.

                I think the gathering is a good idea, and I got to try three new trucks (Korean BBQ, Indian, Mom's) without driving all over, and it works well for us having a small child compared to a restaurant, but they do need to make some changes for next time given the lines that were there.

                1. re: cheinonen

                  I think the reason that most trucks weren't open at 11 is that the event wasn't supposed to start until 11:30.

                  No one was expecting to get slammed the way it happened. You just can't prepare for something like that. I only made it to the Korean truck but they handled a nearly impossible situation with real grace and class. Most any normal person would have been ready to jump off a tall building but they retained a polite, friendly manner and amazing good humor. More power to them.

                  If the rodeos continue to occur every few week like the current plan is, the mobbing will die down. Maybe not at the next rodeo but almost certainly at the one after that.

                  I stood out in the hot sun for nearly 3 hours yesterday (okay, so my decision-making capabilities were probably sun-baked out of me) but what I saw was the beginnings of an outstanding business model that is bringing a new dimension to our already vibrant dining scene. This isn't a mall food court - this is a few independent businesspeople working their fannies off in less than ideal conditions. Please don't expect more than they're humanly capable of delivering.

                  1. re: rockycat

                    Per the Herald Sun article, and the Only Burger Twitter feed, the hours for the event were 11 AM until 3 PM. Given how busy it was yesterday I think they handled it well, I just think they need to plan a little differently and make some adjustments next time, otherwise instead of people coming and enjoying the experience, they risk too many people leaving frustrated and hungry.

                    1. re: cheinonen

                      The N&O listed it starting at 11:30.

                      1. re: chazzer

                        The N&O must have had it wrong, since even NC Bulkogi's own Twitter feed listed it as 11-3 but wasn't there by 11, much less setup.

                        I just want to be clear that I plan to go back to the next one of these as I imagine they will iron out the issues, and the food I had was good, but if they have the same issues again, I'm not going to come back, and I imagine most people feel the same way. I'm sure yesterday was more popular than they expected, so hopefully next time they'll have adjusted.

                        1. re: cheinonen

                          The Independent (online) also said 11:30 as the start time. Eh, I think a 30 minute difference was the least of the issues of the day.

            2. re: chazzer

              We arrived just after 11 and most of the trucks weren't open quite yet (except for Mom's). My wife and I waited in separate lines and managed to get Mom's, the Korean BBQ, and Indian food by 1 PM, though it was absolutely crazy. Hopefully they will do it again soon with more trucks, and possibly some different ones. I know the Crepe truck is a little slow at it's normal location, even with only 2-3 people in front of you, much less 30.

              1. re: cheinonen

                The Korean taco truck was out of commission a few days last week according to their Twitter feed. I haven't tried it yet. How were the Korean tacos?

                1. re: Tom from Raleigh

                  I had the Bulkogi and Kimchee hot dog, it was very good.

                  1. re: Tom from Raleigh

                    I had a beef taco and it was pretty good. A little on the small side, but good.

                    1. re: Tom from Raleigh

                      The bulgoki burrito was great. It could have used a shot of gochujang but I was too beat to walk over and get some.
                      The kimchee quesadilla was interesting. The kimchi wasn't too spicy and the flavors didn't conflict the way I thought they might. It was good, just not mind-blowing.
                      Next time,the hot dog and/or the spicy pork anything.