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Jun 2, 2010 09:07 AM

Cooking with lamb vs. turkey sausage

Hello, all. I am going to make a dish that calls for ground turkey sausage as a stuffing agent, but would like to substitute ground lamb. Since I am just getting into ambitious home cooking, I was wondering if the ground lamb would cook up much different than the ground turkey sausage. Would someone more knowledgeable than myself know if this will change the properties/cooking time of my dish to a considerable degree? Thanks!

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  1. It will certainly change the flavor and texture but cooking times shound be fine.

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    1. re: porker

      I should have specified that cooking time/temperature were my concerns. Thanks for your reply!

    2. Just plain ground lamb? It will definitely taste different and I'd imagine would have more fat than turkey sausage, so if its used raw and cooked after being stuffed it may affect the final product. If its pre-cooked or browned first, the impact would be a lot less.

      1. Unless you're lucky to have a butcher who'll make you lean minced lamb, it might be better to use care and saute the minced lamb first; then drain off much of the fat.

        You'll also have to compensate for the lack of salt/pepper/spices that the turkey sausage has. So season the ground lamb accordingly, then proceed with your recipe.

        I'm not at all a fan of ground turkey/turkey sausage so I think lamb will make a good substitute.

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          Thank you! I did take into consideration the decrease in salt/spice if lamb is used, but I'm using a pecorino as the cheese/binding agent, so I'm hoping that helps with not having to add too much additional salt.