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Jun 2, 2010 09:06 AM

Best bread, croissants and pain au raisin near rue lacepede in the 5th

My husband and I arrive in Paris on the 17th of June to our rental apartment on rue Lacepede.
I have been reading all about the wonderful restaurants that we will try to get to.Many were not around the last time we were in Paris.

But, what about bread? We will have our breakfast at home and would like recommendations for bakeries.
Thanks, maiziemo

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  1. Le Boulanger de Monge, the second shop is on rue Larrey at rue de la Clef. Kayser is not bad either.

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    1. re: souphie

      How about La Parisienne, at 28 rue Monge, which won second place in the 2010 best baguette contest.

    2. Any good places to get squirrel bread? (Pain d'ecureuil). I had a hard time finding it last year...

      1. Having been able to live in the fifth over 8 years has left me spoiled by the abundance of excellent boulangers. Agree with Souphie that Le Boulanger de Monge will the best for baquettes(Monge) and their croissants au beurre. I like their Escarcots with pistachios too. The one on Rue de la Clef will be the closest to you.
        Dominique Saibron who brought this place to fame has left and opened his new place at 77 Rue General Leclerc in the 14 th, which you should go and try.
        Kayser is much further down on Rue Monge towards Maubert Mutualite and remains very good. I also like the "tradi" at Boulanger Lutece on the corner of Rue Boulanger and Monge. The Boulanger Gregoire on the corner of Monge/Lacepede is just ok for my palate.
        Try also the pastries, viennoiseries at Pascal Pinaud on Monge near the intersection with Lacepede. Carl Marletti on Rue Censier across from the garden of St Medard was selected best tarte au citron by Le Figaro.
        If you are really into breads, go to Arnaud Delmontel on Rue Levis in the 17 th or Rue Martyrs in the 9 th for his Pain au seigle Feuillete au Miel, dripping with butter , it is unusual and a true delice for breakfast! His baquette Renaissance won meilleure baquette a few years ago. Don't forget to enjoy the singing and dancing to old French songs on Sunday mornings in front of St Medard, and enjoy Marche Monge and all the food shops of Mouffetard. Happy eating in Paris!

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          Any good places to get squirrel bread? (Pain d'ecureuil). I had a hard time finding it last year..

        2. Thanks for your help. It looks like we will have a good time bread shopping for breakfast.