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Oklahoma City Recommendations

After searching the site, we were bummed to find very few recent recs for OKC.

We are traveling there next week for a film festival and would love some suggestions for places to eat. Cost/Value isn't an issue--we simply would love to hear what you think the best restaurants/food experiences are, be it cheap or expensive.


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  1. There are many -- not lots -- of good places to eat in OKC. I can't afford them, so I cook at home, but I've been to many of them. All of the following are local, not chains. Rococo is an Italian restaurant on NW 28th and Penn. Excellent, somewhat pricey. The Coach House. I've never eaten there because it's very pricey, but also has one or two Michelin(?) stars. Deep Fork Grill. Very, very good. Van's Pig Stand in Norman for barbecue -- see if you can make time to go there. Leo's Barbecue east of downtown. Excellent. Ingrid's for German and deli food; great breads and cold cuts. Earl's Barbecue: there's one in Bricktown and one on North Western north of 63rd. Generally, stay away from Bricktown -- pricey watering holes -- unless that's if what you want. There are many, many Vietnamese restaurant and Mexican restaurants, usually little holes-in-the wall that you find in the ethnic neighborhoods. Japanese food at Sushi Neko and Musashi's across the street from each other on North Western, about 42nd Street. Downtown hotels gave good food -- I've heard. Check them out on the Internet. I think all of these places have websites. If you have any questions, let me know. The BEST food in OKC is at my house, but sorry, I don't have a license. ;-)

    Also, check out bigray's suggestions elsewhere in this forum. I forgot about those.


    Deep Fork Grill
    5418 N Western Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73118

    The Coach House Restaurant
    6437 Avondale Drive, Oklahoa City, OK 73116

    Sushi Neko
    4416 N Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73118

    1. Ahh, you must be going to deadCENTER! Are you a filmmaker? Hope you plan on stirring things up at the parties! You are bound to be in moods for different things, so here's a sampler:

      Continental/American: OKC Museum of Art Museum Cafe (also deadCENTER HQ)
      Pub: McNellie's Public House (Walker/NW 10th near St. Anthony's)
      Tapas: Bolero in Lower Bricktown
      Backyard food: Toby Keith's in Lower Bricktown (except the chicken fried steak, which is premade)
      Vietnamese Pho (noodle soup): Pho Lien Hoa (NW 23rd and Francis)
      Chinese/Vietnamese: Golden Phoenix (N. Classen around 27th)
      Chicken & Waffles: Mama E's (Springlake off NE 36th and Kelley) A great hole-in-the-wall, the place is a shack.
      Tacos: Big Truck Tacos (NW 23rd and Dewey)
      Italian/American: Trattoria Il Centro (Downtown)
      Hotel Drinks and Apps: Red Piano Bar in the Skirvin Hotel (Downtown)
      Upscale Comfort Food: Cheever's Cafe (NW 23rd and Hudson)
      South American: Cafe do Brasil (NW 10th/Walker) and Cafe Antigua (Classen and NW 18th) The latter is known for its terrific breakfasts.
      Downtown coffee: Museum Cafe, Coffee Slingers (NW 10th and Broadway), Buzz (Downtown, Park and Robinson), and Starbucks in Bricktown
      Desserts: Nonna's in Bricktown
      Latest place to be seen: RePUBlic Gastropub in Classen Curve (N Classen and NW 56th or so)
      The nearest 24 hr restaurant is IHOP in Bricktown

      I know deadCENTER takes place downtown, so these are confined to downtown and the inner northside. If you have a car and have some time, I second Rosemary's recs of Coach House and Deep Fork Grill. If you notice my recs, many are located on NW 23rd: that street is OKC's version of the Sunset Strip, just a variety of places, ethnic, American, watering holes, and nice places. Just driving up and down N. 23rd, and you'll see the heart of OKC.

      Deep Fork Grill
      5418 N Western Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73118

      Trattoria Il Centro
      500 W Main St Ste 100, Oklahoma City, OK 73102

      The Coach House Restaurant
      6437 Avondale Drive, Oklahoa City, OK 73116

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        I do not have time to rehash some of my past recommendations right now, but I noticed since Oklahoma was moved from the South Board to the Midwest Board most of my past detailed recommendations were on the old South Board. I do not know if the posts are still accessible, but one may also check the South Board for Oklahoma City recommendations.

        Bigray in Ok

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          The pho @ Pho Lien Hoa is really good, much better than the pho restaurant that I tried in Tulsa (Mekong River Restaurant). There is another place around the corner on N. Classen called Pho Thai Nguyen that was also pretty good, though not as good as Pho Lien Hoa. Don't even bother with a place calle "Pho-bulous" on S. Broadway in Edmond. They did'nt even have avocado shakes...

          Pho Thai Nguyen
          3221 N Classen Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73118

        2. I visited OKC not long ago and had a great steak at the Cattleman's inthe stockyards -- old fashioned buut the meat was terrific. Also a very good meal at Cheever's. The fish was fresh and well prepared. Note that appetizers are big. A salad and an appetizer will be plenty for most people.

          1. One of the best Asian places in town in the Golden Phoenix on Claussen. Order the crispy duck and the crispy pork. The green mango salad is also excellent. For some upscale go further up Classen to the Curve where you will find Republic which has a nice selection of beers, very nice selection.

            1. here's a question for those in the know.
              what is the place called that used to be called Kendalls? it's known for it's chicken fried steak and huge old cinnamon rolls. its by norman? anyone know

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                Kendall's is still open in Noble which is south of Norman. I have never been there but its looks good.

                Bigray in Ok

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                  supposedly if I don't try their chicken fried steak for my husband and grab a taste of the super huge-o cinnamon roll................................ < my life hasn't been complete

              2. So Razini and I traveled together to OKC in June -- and we realized we hadn't yet posted what a fun food experience we had. Here it is:

                Leo's BBQ was hands down the best meal we had while in OKC. It feels really rundown and looks like a shack so don't expect anything fancy. We went around 11AM on a weekend and we were the only ones there. Lots of people coming in and out for takeout. Everyone raved about the brisket (which was great) and the ribs (great) but I must say that the baked beans were the best baked beans I have ever eaten in my life. Who knew?

                Ann's Chicken Fry House out on Route 66. Totally worth a drive out for the chicken fried steak -- not a dish I am that familiar with but it was quite tasty. Just about everything on the menu was fried, and we tried the fried okre which was so-so. Clearly the chicken fried steak is the showpiece. The place was packed, we had about a 15-20 minute wait for a table, and once inside, you get a real feel for what the locals are eating. And how much! The portions were unbelievable. We shared a 1/2 portion. The couple next to us each had their own full dinner. The restaurant is adorable too. Great ambience.

                Other notable stop: Cattlemen's Steakhouse. It wasn't the best steak I've had in my life but it was pretty good. And you can't beat the fact that they have lamb fries on the menu. After a disasterous experience with the said food, we were willing to see what they could do in Oklahoma. If the cowboys will eat them, why not? And they were pretty good. Not that I had any desire to eat in the smoking room, but how many restaurants still have a closed off smoking room? Not a section, an actually room. And people, many wearing cowboy hats, were actually in there, eating and smoking. The restaurant felt like it was from another era and really captured something--a grittiness that you might expect to find but seems to be disappearing.

                A great food trip. Thanks for all the recs!

                Cattlemen's Steakhouse
                1309 S Agnew Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73108

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                  Glad you enjoyed those three good choices. And there's lots more here in OKC.