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Jun 2, 2010 08:49 AM


SO, I have the difficult task of throwing together a joint bachelor/bachelorette party set for next weekend. Since the bride and groom are low budget foodies with a passion for beer and wine alike who live in Philly, we want to do a memorable group dinner somewhere. The group is shaping up to be around 8 +. Ideally we'd like a prex-fixe or tasting menu and the only place that comes to mind as a real possibility is Modo Mio.

Any suggestions for this adventurous and last min group????

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  1. What about Han Dynasty? I feel like I've seen a lot of groups (egullet, slow food, etc) doing family-style menus at the new Old City location with many courses. Food seems interesting and tasty by all accounts.

    1. Modo Mio is actually a really good suggestion, as long as BYOB is ok. I have done dinners with I think 10 people there and they are very accommodating, but you may want to get a late reservation so you can linger without tying up a table. The Sugo Sundays are really fun, too. Everything is served family style, though the food is simpler and more robust--but still delicious. If you want to do MM you should book the res ASAP.

      You can pre/post game at one of the good bars in NoLibs or Port Fishington, too.

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        I agree that Modo Mio would work well. Last Saturday night, there was a big group celebrating something. The group got very loud and management did not say anything to them (which was a little annoying but the food is so good and the price so low...). Actually, I'd say that McAndrew's cooking is better than ever.

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          thanks guys! i do love modo mio.

      2. Aaaand, because I mention it too often, Distrito also does a pretty good prix fixe if you don't want to go down the BYOB route.

        Plus it has the space/atmosphere for a bachelor/bachelorette party whereas Modo Mio is tiny and everyone else in the restaurant will hear every detail of your conversation.

        I'd also actually recommend upstairs at Pub and Kitchen, big space, amazing food and one of Philly's best bars is downstairs.

        Alternatively, Percy St BBQ is fun, spacious and reasonably priced especially if you get the Lockhart, which is basically every meat, every side and a dessert for $24. It's great for sharing and designed for groups of four of more.

        If you wanna do something really memorable though, I'd go for the roast pig at amada, but you need eight people at least (I think, give or take a couple).

        Anyway yeah I don't think you'll be starved for choice here