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Jun 2, 2010 08:07 AM


I'm driving to Chattanooga tomorrow from Memphis and will be passing through Decatur and Huntsville, AL around lunchtime on the ways there and back. I'm looking for a couple of lunch options for either place.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. First this message should be on South Central Board.

    If you are a BBQ nut like most southerners are you will stop at Big Bob Gibson's in Decatur.

    Big Bob Gibson's @ 1715 6th Ave. SE, Decatur, AL 256 - 350 - 6969.

    If you decide to pass up BBG's then head on E. when you pass the river then I 65 next Exit # 2 at Mooresville Rd. get off to right then head north to Greenbrier Rd. lst road to the right. You can see this place from I 565. They used to be at an old location on further north but moved here not too long ago to get a new place. The old place is called Greenbrier Restaurant but they are not related. Good luck.

    Greenbrier Bar B Que @ 15050 AL Hwy. 20, Madison, AL 256 353 - 9769. * I565/EXIT2.