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Jun 2, 2010 07:31 AM

6/4-6/6/10 Arlington Greek Festival

It's the first weekend in June and that means the St. Athanasius Greek Church
( is having it's annual festival that many of us attend every year. Timing to get some of the spitted pig &/or lamb can be tricky. Here's the menu:

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  1. Are those dates correct? Most festivals just run for the weekend.

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    1. re: BBHound

      Corrected what could have been a confusing subject line to 6/4-6/6/10, i.e. Friday evening through Sunday evening.

    2. Had lunch there today. The venue keeps expanding - way bigger than it used to be, There were 3 ATMs in case you came out without your wallet! I had my favorite gyro, which was as good as it ever was. My daughter had the spanikopita and gave it an A grade. Baklava and kataifa for dessert rounded out the meal. My friend couldn't get any loukoumades - they were being made in back and not quite ready. Prices are fair, especially considering the purpose is fund-raising for the church.

      1. Any advice for a first time attendee? Food sounds great (spit roast whole animal, hard to go wrong). Thinking Sunday evening.

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          Just be prepared to wait in line. All the food is great, but if you can get the spit roasted stuff, it's even more so. I haven't had anything there that has been a disappointment.

        2. After reading about the festival many times, we finally tried the food. It was great. Tender lamb and pork. We also had the macedonia platter. :) Loved everything. Thanks everyone! We look forward to it for next year!

          1. The spinach pies were superb and the lines moved surprisingly fast.

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              Always a great festival.. just do not go on Sunday and expect a full menu - they start running out of things (for the right reasons - they are good and people eat them). I went through some roast lamb, 2 orders of dolmathes, and a gyro this go-around..