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Jun 2, 2010 06:36 AM


A total dissapointment. This place is somewhere you should just go to the bar for drinks. Arrived this past weekend looking for a nice, easy meal. We ordered a bottle of white wine which was lukewarm at best. Appetizers were the mussels (smallest I have ever seen) and the chicken lettuce wraps (dry and flavorless). Main courses were the salmon which was covered in a way too sweet sauce and since I ordered it without the hash, it still came on the hash and had to send it back. The other main course was the pasta with shrimp (again, just fair and really no flavor). Best part of the night was leaving there and getting a nice big ice cream elsewhere.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. You didn't order any of the classics...crackling calamari salad, firecracker springrolls, tuna tartare, swordfish with soba noodles...those are all quite good...

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      1. re: sibeats

        agree, you missed the mark on ordering. not saying spash is amazing or anything..but for the great view and atmosphere, coupled with ordering those items specified by sibeats, its a nice evening for sure

        1. re: missmar79

          What would you suggest for lunch there?

          1. re: taboo

            We typically go for lunch and share the calamari salad, the springrolls and the tuna tartare (for 2 of us) and that is plenty. Those are definitely my favorites. The other items I mentioned above are not on the lunch menu. They also have a roasted chicken salad on the lunch menu that is pretty tasty. For lunch I would share a bunch of the apps and salads and stay away from the sandwiches and entrees...

            1. re: sibeats

              Thank you. I will take your advise.

              1. re: taboo

                Hope you have a better experience!

                1. re: sibeats

                  Ok...had lunch there today. Tuna tartar and tuna burger were both great. Thanks!

      2. I never found it totally negative as your review indicates. I'm not sure what happened but I find it somewhat unique in the area and a change in pace from the normal places on Rt. 1. For me it's the locale on the water and I agree with the tuna burger good amongst other items I've had there.

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        1. re: trehouse

          Service is generally poor. It's as if you are working for them sometimes! But the food is good - providing you do not have somewhere urgent you need to be.

          1. re: fcmenutalk

            Agree. Not snobby, just kids who haven't been professionally trained. Especially in the summer. Classy setting and venue undercut by an on the cheap waitstaff who make the experience amateur night at the Roxy.