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We are closing on our first home today and celebrating with dinner at Clancy's!! It's been awhile since I've been there and I would love some menu recommendations...


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  1. I love the veal and crabmeat.

    1. Three words......sweetbreads, sweetbreads, sweetbreads.

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        1. Fried oyster appetizer and smoked duck entree...........

          1. We had a wonderful soft shell crab the other day. They are known to have one of the best in the city.

            1. Thanks everyone! We tried a variety of things since there were six of us! I had the sweatbreads first and then the scallops - both were amazing!

              I also think it's worth mentioning that this place was packed on a Wednesday in the summer (June). Good to know if you want somewhere with action during the week - my fiance likes a crowd when dining.

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                Glad you enjoyed it. Clancy's rocks!

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                  dined at Clancy's since they opened their doors. it is always abuzz. I love to just at the bar and eat as well. I like the sweetbreads, oysters w/brie, veal chop, smoked ss's, seasonal salads w/crabmeat, and frozen brandy alexanders for dessert along w/another order of oysters w/brie. I just hope we can all continue to enjoy oysters.

                2. I just returned to Clancy's last night for the first time in over a year, and i regret it being so long. The food is always classic and delicious, and even though it's on the more expensive side i really do feel that for the quality and service, it is quite affordable. Dinner was 5 girls in their early twenties, so we were the youngest in the restaurant. I'd felt bad making a late reservation on a week night, (working at a restaurant i know how much the kitchen hates that last 10pm reservation) but they assured me that the dining room would still be full and it would be no problem. They were extremely accommodating and could not have been kinder.
                  The food was great! The deviled eggs don't get as much praise as they should, they're incredible. We also had the sweet breads (YUM), crab salad which had a great russian dressing with caviar last night (it changes regularly) and as entrees the veal with crab was incredible as was the lobster risotto. Obviously we couldn't pass up dessert, everyone raves about the lemon icebox pie, but i prefer the coconut cream it's crazy good also great the house made sorbets and ice creams!

                  All in all, friendly neighborhood spots like Clancy's are intrinsically New Orleans and make me so happy to eat in this city :)