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Jun 2, 2010 06:23 AM

Looking for diamond in the rough (40th & Park)

I am looking for recommendations in the vicinity of 40th & Park. My dining companions are not adventurous eaters. I'd like to keep the bill under $60/person. I am considering La Fonda del Sol, but am open to other suggestions. Any thoughts?

Many thanks.

La Fonda del Sol
200 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10020

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  1. Les Halles is a good choice.

    Les Halles
    411 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016

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    1. re: travpard

      i respectfully disagree on les halles. the place is a horrible restaurant for the last 10 years. back in the day, it was a solid bistro. these days, the quality is horrible, the service is a joke, and the patrons are mostly tourists thinking bourdain still cooks there.

      1. re: sam1

        I agree - Les Halles ranks with the worst restaurants I have eaten at and it's very uncomfortable and about 100 degrees when I went last summer.

        What about Artisinal? The food is good and great for not-so-adventurous types.

        1. re: stephaniec25

          Artisianal is exactly what I'm looking for. It's where I took these same guests last year, so I want a change of venue for this visit. Any other thoughts?


        2. re: sam1

          if its so bad... how often do you go?
          i was there 3 weeks ago and it was very good
          and nobody thinks boudain is there

          1. re: tab10014

            I can certainly think of worse things than going to Artisanal once a year! Love that place. That said, Rare Bar and Grill is on 37th and Lexington. I like the place (though I adore Artisanal) and it should work for your situation.

              1. re: Bob Martinez

                What Bob said. I have out of town relatives and friends who ask me to go to Bourdain's restaurants, and I have to break it to them that he's not there any more, and they added a ton extra seats after he left, sacrificing quality...

        3. I appreciate all your responses. I've been to Les Halles and wasn't too impressed, so I'd like to go elsewhere. Any thoughts besides Rare Bar & Grill (which looks like a good option)?

          Thanks again.

          Les Halles
          15 John Street, New York, NY 10038

          Rare Bar & Grill
          152 W 26th St, New York, NY 10001

          1. Zengo sounds interesting - I haven't gone yet though but maybe some other CHers can give you more info.

            622 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10016

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            1. re: stephaniec25

              The chef who opened Zengo left very shortly thereafter. Not a good sign....

              1. re: RGR

                We were there in early November and really enjoyed it. Was that before or after the chef left?

            2. how about convivio? it's in tudor city (about 42rd and 2nd). very good italian-ish food, pasta, fish, steak, etc. if you order right you can keep it under $60/head.

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              1. re: jon

                Convivio recently closed for business. Would Cibo work (41 St. & Second Ave.)?

                767 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10017

                1. re: ellenost

                  The original post is ten months old.

                  1. re: Riverman500

                    Thanks. One never knows if someone else might be helped by it.

              2. I think La Fonda de Sol is an excellent choice. The Spanish-style cuisine is delicious, and the dining room has very attractive decor.

                La Fonda del Sol photos:

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                1. re: RGR

                  I realize this is a revived post, and that LFDS opened a couple of years ago. Just wondering if there is a connection to the LFDS that was somewhere around 50th and 5th ages ago. I am over 60 and have lived near Boston most of my life but grew up on LI and remember that as a teenager, it was the first nice restaurant I went to by myself.