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Jun 2, 2010 02:37 AM

Breakfast in downtown Denver?

Any suggestons for downtown( or walkable) for great breakfasts and also bakery type places? Thanks!

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  1. Snooze has amazing breakfasts. Not *quite* downtown, but fairly close, walkable from the free mall bus.

    Lucile's is also a great breakfast, but not walkable from downtown.

    1. Hi Rise (22nd and Larimer) is one block over from the aforementioned Snooze. They are a bakery that does a limited breakfast. Both are walkable if you're staying at one of the downtown hotels.

      I actually think Racine's does a pretty good breakfast (6th and Sherman, a very short cab ride). I hadn't been there for years, and went twice recently and was impressed both times.

      I do like Lucile's. The original is in Boulder, but there is a good branch at Logan and Alameda (another short cab ride). It's ostensibly cajun/creole, but there are more traditional breakfast options too. The eggs Ponchitrain (over easy eggs on a blackened trout filet) are outstanding.

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        1. re: jsaint

          Sam's No. 3 also has a lot of fans, though I can't vouch for it personally.

          1. re: tatamagouche

            I totally second both Lucille's and Sam's #3 - both do an awesome breakfast.

        2. re: Awal

          i second lucile's, where i will have breakfast at least once when i go to denver in august. used to live in colorado. a friend and i met every friday for breakfast. never been diasppointed. don't pass up the beignets. sam's is pretty darn fun if you want a little local color. greek-owned, so portions are generous and food is prepared while you wait.

        3. All my suggestions have been mentioned! Snooze, Racines & Sam's. I haven't tried it yet, but Cook's Fresh Market on the 16th Street Mall looks like it has some good breakfast items.

          16th Street Cafe
          302 N 16th St Ste A, Canon City, CO 81212

          Cook's Fresh Market
          1600 Glenarm Pl Ste 120, Denver, CO 80202

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          1. re: jcattles

            Are Snooze, Racines or Sam's within walking distance of the Downtown Sheraton? We will be there in July

            1. re: bawc

              Only Sam's is close to the Sheraton. Snooze is around 8 longish blocks from the Sheraton after you take the free mall shuttle to Larimer Street. Racines is further although the same folks own Dixons at 16th and Wazee, right on the 16th Street Mall.

              1. re: Pastajohn

                Sam's should fit the bill. This way we can go back to the hotel afterwards, and load the luggage, since we are leaving for Granby that morning (with a stop along the way to stretch our legs and have lunch). Although I really like the menu at Lucille's--would it be on our way out of town?

                1. re: bawc

                  No. Lucile's (one "L" not two) is not on the way from downtown to Granby.

                  1. re: ToddBradley

                    true, not on the way, but if you have a car and are loading up, it's not that far out of the way. and so much better.

                    1. re: LurkerDan

                      I really liked the menu at Lucile's. I have a feeling we will be on the road early with the time change, so perhaps it will work if we have coffee and oj at the hotel, and hold off on food until we get there. How far out of the way will it put us from the Sheraton Downtown back to the road to granby? And is there anything else in the correct direction, like Snooze (or is the parking too difficult on a Sunday morning)?

                      1. re: bawc

                        Technically speaking, Snooze may be more on the way, but realistically, there isn't much difference. It will take you 5 or 10 minutes to get to Lucile's, and then from Lucile's you'll be on I-25 in a couple of minutes, just a few exits down from where you'd be with snooze. And, come to think of it, the fastest way to the mountains is to take US-6 to 70, making Lucile's even more on the way (you drive away from US-6 to get to Snooze, so it may actually be more out of the way). You like the menu, and Lucile's will at most cost you 5-10 minutes total in driving over any other choice, if that. Go there.