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Jun 1, 2010 11:02 PM

romantic vegitarian friendly

hey guys i was curious if anyone can recommoned a resturant for a couple to celebrate a birthday... little romantic, price dosn't matter, casual, trendy, whatever doesn't matter as long as good atmosphere that isn't to stuffy ... we both are vegitarians but not very picky. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Oh were staying in upper west side but am willing to travel around in the area to a good resturant.

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  1. josie's west is really nice, i always enjoy eating there and think the atmosphere is casual but warm and friendly, candle 79 on the upper east side is supposed to be really good too, looked very prety whenever i passed by. think candle cafe aroudn the corner from there is very similar

    1. Do you like Indian? Maybe Devi or Tabla. Both are very veg. friendly and romantic, and have very good food. Tabla is less traditional Indian and probably more expensive, depending on how you approach it.

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        Tabla is solid but as a veg devi is y favorite restaurant in the city and its gorgeous

      2. Hangawi in K-town is a quick ride on the B train and offers very good food in a beautiful space. it's not 100% authentic Korean, but that shouldn't deter you from going.

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        1. re: coasts

          awesome thanks guys ill look into these places. Ive heard multiple great reviews about that tabla resurant. so i am def. curious about trying that place out.

        2. Go to Blossom on Columbus between 82nd and 83rd. Vegan, delicious, and extremely friendly. You'll be thrilled.