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Jun 1, 2010 09:09 PM

Anyone made ice cream/frozen yogurt in a blendtec or vitamix?


so i've been experimenting with the ice cream recipes in my blendtec cookbook that came with the blender. So far everything I make is turning out like a smoothie but just a thick version. So i freeze the concoctions then it results in something like granita. I'm thinking of the obvious answers to this questions like "duh, it's a blender not an ice cream maker" but then why on earth would they include recipes? is this as good as it gets?i guess my next step is to take the frozen mixture after the freezer and put it back in the blender?

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  1. blender "ice cream" needs to be consumed immediately - it doesn't contain the ingredients necessarily to hold the emulsion and prevent crystallization if you store it in the freezer.

    1. If you make a custard, freeze it in a thin layer, then blend it quickly then refreeze it I would think you would have the best bet. The problem is that you need to either be mixing while freezing or freeze very quickly and shave (the secret of the Pacojet which is what many chefs use for ice cream). Otherwise you will get ice crystals which will reform.

      You can inhibit ice crystal by binding water by making a custard, using a starch, using gums, or even adding dry milk to your ice cream recipes. But I doubt you will be able to approximate an ice cream maker with the Vitamix.

      I use mine all the time with frozen bananas and yogurt which makes a very thick concoction, but it must be eaten immediately. It turns out a similar consistency to my ice cream machine that has an internal cooling mechanism, and neither will turn out a low-fat frozen yogurt that freezes well.

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        yeah well, mine is pretty much a very thick smoothie. now shopping for an ice cream maker.

      2. My Vitamix ice cream has soft-serve texture and my smoothies are almost (but not quite) soft-serve. If your frozen dessert has been made properly, you should be able to tip your container 180ยบ without anything falling out. Goodhealthgourmet is right, though--you need to eat it immediately and if you want REAL ice cream, you'll need an ice cream maker

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          I gave up and got an ice cream machine. It's ok. Better than the blender but still not store perfect.