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Jun 1, 2010 08:53 PM

Vegetarian Friendly Lunch in Laguna Beach?

OK, I shook up my travel plans and I'll now be able to arrive a full day earlier! And not only that, but I fly into Long Beach next Tuesday morning, so I'll be able to give my dad the day off I know he desperately needs.

So now, I'm really thinking a drive down PCH to Laguna will be quite doable. So where do I take him to eat? Anything that won't bust my budget too much (under $100 for the two of us)? And somewhere that's vegetarian friendly but still yummy for a carnivore?

Got some good ideas for this OC native returning next week (for a couple weeks)?

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  1. Zinc Cafe in Laguna Beach . . . do you have to eat in Laguna Beach? Because you could easily drive to nearby areas in less thant a few minutes.

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    1. re: apple7blue

      Well, I want to. I haven't been there since April of last year, one of the things making me most "homesick" for OC is seeing the beach again! So the closer to shore, the better... But I certainly won't completely rule out other ideas!

      1. re: atdleft

        Where is your dad? Well there are a lot of beachside places north of Laguna Beach, I was confused because I was thinking your dad was in Long Beach and even if you wanted to go to an OC Beach, Laguna is pretty far south and hardly the best beach in OC. I know you probably already went on your trip, so what did you do?

        I imagine Vegas as having like $20 buffets where you can eat until you explode in casinos. sorry, haha . . .

    2. If you want casual, you can hit Taco Loco on PCH. It's hippie gringo-Mex, not authentic Mexican steet food. It's got lots of veg options - blackened mushroom taco, blackened tofu, things like that. They also give the same treatment to fish, lobster, and meat too.

      "Atmosphere" is sidewalk seating with a good view of the passersby on foot and in the car parade of PCH. This being Laguna Beach, you can expect a meal to run $10-12 a person, not including beer or wine. No hard liquor available.

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      1. re: Professor Salt

        Oh yes, I know Taco Loco. I may have to visit again, as it has been a while. They have some good grub.

        I'm sure my dad would be happy there, but I was hoping to give him something a little more special. We'll see. Perhaps all my Vegas eating habits have skewed my view of what & how to eat in OC? ;-)

        1. re: atdleft

          You should do fine in OC with your Vegas habits. Most of the well known great places in Vegas are in casinos, while ours are in strip malls, or actual malls. Vegas has one stop dining and entertainment, and so do we in the Spectrum, Downtown Disney, Fashion Island... You have annoying tourists from all over the world clogging up your streets, and so do we...

          You might Try Five Feet, they have a few veggie options on the light menu and lots of meat and fish. $100 for the two of you should be about right. 230 Forest is another choice, although it would probably be soup and salad for you. Watermarc is by the same owners but is a bit more expensive. However, they have more veggie options, though it would be a grazing meal (no pun intended), with a few appetizers and sides. I think it would be tough to get away with less than $100 for 2 unless you are both watching what you order.

          Finally, i have not been to K'ya. but it does get a fair bit of love here and it looks like there are quite a few veggie options on the menu. Someone else would have to chime in if you can get out for less than $100, but looking at the menu, it looks very doable. Plus you can go up to the rooftop bar (I have been there - no surprise) and have a drink with one of the best views in Laguna.

          Five Feet Special Events & Catering
          328 Glenneyre, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

          230 Forest Avenue Restaurant
          230 Forest Ave, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

          448 S Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

          K'ya Bistro - Laguna Beach
          1287 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA 92651