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Jun 1, 2010 08:29 PM

Light dinner in Pimlico or Westminster

Will be checking into Easy Hotel on Belgrave Road on a Monday round 4:30pm then heading to Westminster Tube for 7pm for a walking tour of area.

Looking for recs for light dinner somewhere in between to help adjust and get over jetlag.

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  1. You can try Grumbles, a reliable neighborhood restaurant 3 mins from Easy Hotel. Or else Ichiriki sushi on Strutton Ground, which is on your walk to Westminster

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      Thank you... the restos I came across like Thomas Cubitt or Ebury Wine Bar & Restaurant, Olivomare or The Orange were either in the wrong direction or not open until 6pm on a Monday which didn't give me enough time to sit down, order, eat and be at the station for 7pm. And I didn't really want a Pret a Manger sandwich..