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Jun 1, 2010 07:42 PM

lunch early dinner rec near London zoo

Going to spend an afternoon at the Zoo - 3 adults and a 6yr old.

Any recommendations of nearby places for lunch and early dinner - 10-15£/person.

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  1. i hesitate to recommend a place i haven't eat at myself - but in your place i'd definitely consider pizzas at nonnas (a gordon ramsay venture at the york and albany) for dinner. it gets mixed reviews, but on balance it gets decent press.

    as for lunch, there are quite a few spots in the park where you can get good not great things: for instance, the sausage in the bun on the broadwalk has perfectly acceptable hot dogs. it isn't a destination place, but it is part of the enormous fun that is regents park.

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      I ate Nonna's pizzas in the bar at the York and Albany recently, and I was impressed. There's a bit more room in the bar than in the deli, and children are allowed in there. The pizzas were very good - thin but not soggy base and chewy crust. There are other salads and snacks available in the bar too, which aren't mentioned on the website - the steak sandwich with fries was good.

      1. You could try the Engineer pub in Primrose Hill, a short walk away, or L'Absinthe, an above average neighbourhood bistro, also in Primrose Hill, which has a good value set lunch deal.

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          Thank you every one - I would never have know of these places without you.
          I didn't know that there would be food options in the park...
          If the weather is nice picnic lunch followed by pizza dinner at Nonna's - can never go wrong with pizza with a 6yr old in tow.

        2. Sahara in St John's Wood high street, lovely Lebanese food.