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Jun 1, 2010 07:25 PM

Larkspur in Vail and Avondale in Edwards (Colorado) -- Zagat-worthy?

I got an email today from the Larkspur/Avondale group. It seems Zagat is conducting its survey of
Colorado restaurants. According to the email, Avondale is on the ballot. Larkspur is not. The group is asking its friends to write in Larkspur and to vote for Avondale. It is difficult for me to understand why Larkspur would not be on the ballot. For my money, Larkspur is the best restaurant in the Vail area. Just don't get it!

Avon, CO, Avon, CO

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  1. What was I thinking?!?! Avondale is in Avon, not Edwards! Sorry.

    Avon, CO, Avon, CO

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    1. re: ddavis

      DD, my take on the ballot under another thread was deleted. I think not enough local Valley places reference and direct visitors to the great comments by you and others on However, even doing that will not keep, 212'ers from being misdirected by Z.

      An additional issue is the love/hate relationship between the Front Rangers and Western Slope folks about food. Its a cultured thing.

      The really good places on the WS are all higher end. You are not going to find great food at "hole-in;the-wall" prices, anymore. The 'bargains" only happen during "Mud" season and Fall.

    2. I'm the Colorado editor for Zagat, and Larkspur was definitely on my survey list -- as it has been for several years -- but you're absolutely right: It's not on the ballot, which I don't get either.