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Jun 1, 2010 06:54 PM

Bread thrift stores- do these exist here?

This is more of a homecooking thing, but do bread thrift stores exist in the five boroughs? I now it would be expensive with rents the way they are in the city, but considering that some bakeries and manufacturing/butchering still exists in the city and outer boroughs it can't seem that far-fetched... google told me nothing! Maybe proper thrifts don't exist, but does anyone know of commercial bakeries that maybe have good end-of-day sales? (Note- chinatown bakeries are not included- I know those deals and am mostly looking for "regular" types of bread to cook with.) Brooklyn suggestions also welcome!!

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  1. there are still Entenmann's bakeries with sale stuff and, I kinda remember in Bayside that there was an Arnold outlet or something like that. A quick search yields this info but I haven't been there in about 10 years so I don't remember:

    Arnold Bakers Thrift Store
    213-16 48th avenue (?)
    Bayside, NY 11359

    1. all of the bread & bakery thrift/outlet stores (Arnold, Wonder-Hostess, Freihofer) are outside the city - mostly in Queens, LI & NJ.

      1. where are the chinatown deals?! they used to be more consistent with some of their percentage-off deals at the end of the day; the only consistent one I know is that place on Canal, across the street from Starbucks, but their stuff isn't good. And, the place on the north side of Grand right before Eldridge, that also sells cut-rate chinese BBQ meat; their buns at the end of the day are 3 for a dollar and . . . not that good either.

        1. East Village Cheese Shop often has discount Balthazar bread -- it can be stale but if you're making, like, croutons, it probably won't matter.

          East Village Cheese
          40 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10003

          1. Jacks 99 cent stores (mainly the one on 32nd & Broadway) generally get a bread shipment once a week from manufacturers like Arnold's or Peppridge Farm. The bread is not past its expiration date; it's fresh and a fraction of supermarket price. I don't know which day the shipments come in.

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              I've bought some good quality (fresh, not stale) breads and cookies like Jules Destrooper Thins and some high-end brand wafers (brand name escapes me at the moment) for 99 cents at Jack's. The key is to stay away from stuff they always have (brands you've never heard of) and focus on name brand stuff you don't see there all the time, it's usually one-time thing so take advantage of the bargain!

              1. re: uwsister

                ya that is a funny store with crazy sourcing and turnover. I try to avoid it because otherwise . . . . it would just get out of control.