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Jun 1, 2010 06:44 PM

Source of San Marzano and Cuore di Bue tomatoes in London?

Anyone know where to get these in London, found them in Borough market but sometimes thats a bit much of a journey on a saturday, anyone know of other stockists in London?

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  1. There's a tomato stand on Broadway Market on Saturdays which would have San Marzano - not sure if that is any less of a journey for you?! You could also try the Selfridges food hall

    1. I'm also not sure what's less of a journey for you, but La Fromagerie in Marylebone definitely has San Marzano.

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      1. re: Ibrahim.Salha

        Thanks I'm north west london so la fromagerie is easier shame they don't do cuore di bue as well, they are my first choice but san marzanos work well too, suprised that they are so hard to find in London!

          1. re: howler

            Thanks for that I may try them, I went to Borough market again today but the previous Cuore Di Bue seller had none in! Luckily got from another stall will test them out. Anyone know of a seller of Porcini mushrooms, could not see them!

            1. re: UK2004

              "Anyone know of a seller of Porcini mushrooms, could not see them!" - they aren't in season. Wouldn't you see fresh porcini or ceps only in the autumn? And dried are pretty common and easy to buy from supermarkets etc.

              1. re: PhilD

                That would explain it, thanks!

          2. re: UK2004

            I actually went to La Fromagerie today and they had Cuore di Bue, in case you were still after some. They looked and smelled quite good.

            1. re: Ibrahim.Salha

              Were they large ones, red? Think before I saw some very small green ones.

              1. re: UK2004

                Large, mostly red but some red and orange.

                1. re: Ibrahim.Salha

                  Whole Foods in Ken selling San Marzano!

        1. Depending on where you are in West London, there's a really great (if slightly expensive) grocers near Holland Park tube at the top of Clarendon Road that has them in stock at the moment... Depending what you need them for though, in my experience tinned are better for things like sauces etc and are even available from Sainsburys now. Cento are the daddy brand if you can get em.

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          1. re: harrywilkinson

            the grocer is 'mechanicou brothers'. long a chowhound favourite fyi.

            1. re: harrywilkinson

              Tony Booths has sadly shut at Borough market so I am on the lookout for more Cuore Di Bue, the Mechanicou Brothers, do they have Cuore Di Bue or just San Marzano, I had some DOP San Marzano from Italian Deli online but they have shut and Lina Stores in Soho are having a refit so I am looking for some tinned San Marzano too for when I run out of fresh Cuore Di Bue, I tried the Sainsburys ones but found them awful, i think they were 35% tomato juice, no good unfortunately.

              1. re: UK2004

                Is it official that Tony Booths had shut? They weren't open the last time or 2 I was at Borough, which I thought was strange, but there was no sign.

                1. re: shiraschnitzer

                  It's devastating news! I read that they are pushing up rents trying to squeeze out the veg wholesalers and he vacavated at the end of August. He has wholesale contracts with many top restaurants so must be working from somwhere, I'm desperate to find out as I get a lot of things from his store!

                  1. re: shiraschnitzer

                    Just found out he has moved to Maltby street in Bermondsey, I will be going there Saturday morning.